DS 'pwnes' PSP

Speaking in an DS Lite Retail Guide that recently came bundled with trade weekly MCV, Nintendo handheld product manager James Honeywell spoke about how DS sales compare with PSP.

"Up until the end of last year sale between the two formats were fairly evenly matched, with DS slightly outselling PSP," he said. "Since the beginning of the year, with our stellar line-up of releases, we have pushed our sales through the roof. Then with the fantastic launch of DS Lite in June we have begun to pull further and further away.

"Right now, with the combination of DS and DS Lite we are outselling the competition by a ratio of 3:1. This increase in hardware sales has also driven an increase in DS software sales, moving ahead of PSP in the total number of units and also, more interestingly, we have now seen that the same third party titles are selling more on the DS than on other formats.

Advertisement:"We are seeing publishers start to rethink their strategies switching development from other formats to the successful DS platform and, more importantly, creating bespoke titles that fully utilise the DS features rather than simply porting content without taking advantage of the great things you can do on DS."

We're loving the DS at the moment and are already beginning to lose sleep over the huge anticipation for The Legend of Zelda

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specialguest5898d ago

this is old news. we all know that the DS is murdering the PSP in sales hardware/software. this news is like beating a down an already dead person. this article was posted in direct retaliation against the Sony fanboys anti-MS pointless article the other day. very uncharacteristic of you OutLaw...

OutLaw5898d ago

I apologize if thats how you feel about the article. I wasn't trying to start any war with anybody. I see news and I post it thats all.

If people start arguing about what I post than that's their choice I'm not responsible for others who can't control their own emotions.

ElementX5898d ago

what does "pwnes" mean anyway?

zypher5898d ago

"pwnes" mean owns. something about it being a typo that just stuck as a catch-phrase. in any event this, along with majority of Sony articles, will just turn into a flame-war, though part of me thinks that wasn't Outlaw's true intentions.

nirwanda5898d ago

one of the main reasons why i bought a DS was the fact that the psp got delayed in the uk so i bought a ds just out of interest to see what dev's did with the touch screen never did buy a psp(wise decision) and still play my DS as much as my 360.
I bet the sales figures are more than 3 to 1 in japan I bet alot of the people who have bought DS's are looking at the wii as an upgraded DS watch it fly off the shelf's over the next year with it's cheep price and greater dev belief thanks to the stong ds sales

THWIP5898d ago

It's "pwns", not "pwnes", you idiot.

OutLaw5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

Look at the site it came from it's spelled the same way. I just pasted it over here. So cut the sh!t with the insults already. Now if you have something to say about the topic then go ahead, if not then just keep your lame a55 comments to yourself.

PS360WII5897d ago

pwns was part ownage and part pawnage. Cuz pawns in chess are always taken out first and ownage well you know. So the combining force would be pwn. Anyways love the pick!
This is not a starting of a flame war this is an interview talking about the sale of DS not omg ds is killing psp suckorzzz! Not in the least. If that's what you though of after reading the artical it's more of what you personally feel. Anyways I do enjoy some of the psp titles, the ones that you can pick up and play for a bit then put down if need be. DS, just like #3 said I play as much as my 360 as well ^^ So things are looking bright for it's future