'Terraria' outsells 'Minecraft' in first week on Xbox LIVE


'Side-scrolling multiplayer RPG Terraria has sold more than 125,000 copies on Xbox 360 in its first week on sale -- the first title to outsell Minecraft's weekly sales in quite a while.'

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Snookies122077d ago

Wow, that's impressive... It's good though too, Terraria is a fantastic game. It deserves all the sales it can get. :]

dedicatedtogamers2075d ago

It's a game that is more suited for consoles anyway, IMO. I have it on PC already, but I'll probably end up getting it for either my PS3 or my Vita when it comes out for Vita this summer. When I'm on PC, I'll play Minecraft.

Kamikaze1352077d ago

Good. Terraria is an amazing game :)

sherimae24132076d ago

thank god im finally be able to play this game on my vita ^_^

Moncole2075d ago

Thats great because I find Terraria to be way better than Minecraft.

grailly2075d ago

cool to see the hate on terraria has stopped. PC gamers were MAD this was coming to consoles.

it's really fun if you have friends to play with.

2075d ago
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