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The StickSkills gang remembers their favorite LucasArts games of yore.

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Whymii4122d ago

I would argue that the Star Wars games were the start of Lucasarts demise. Sure, X-wing and X-wing vs Tie fighter were great but that's where the Star Wars obsession began. Before then they were innovators and leaders with games such as Rescue on Fractalus, Ballblazer, the Eidolon, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, etc.

Once they started with Star Wars all this creativity died and they begun to spiral inwards, sucked into a single brand black hole. Rest in piece Lucasarts. Some of us still remember your glory days.

mroahrig4122d ago

Well, it's what sold. Like hell anyone was going to buy Fracture. After Gladius and Armed and Dangerous not performing as expected, the company had to recoup costs somehow.

Whymii4122d ago

That's the danger, focussing on previous successes at the expense of innovation and diversity. Sure, Star Wars is a great brand, but Lucasarts should not have solely focused on it. Sometimes the money trail can lead to a dead end or a trap.

Look at the success Travellers Tales has had with Lucasarts older IPs, Sam and Max and Monkey Island. Lucasarts became a one trick pony and have paid the price.

CalvinKlein4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

they made some awesome star wars games tho among the crappy ones. Battlefront, tie fighter/xwing games, Super starwars games and my favorite starwars game that was AMAZING for its time, Dark forces 2: Jedi knight. To me that game was like a whole new starwars movie that you could play when I was little, back before the new trilogy had come out. It even had awesome real actors for the CGI cut-scenes. Truly, it was one of the best games for its time that Ive ever played.

SJPFTW4122d ago

Lucas Arts didn't develop Battlefront. Neither did they develop Knights of the Old Republic the best Star Wars games of all time. Most Star Wars games in recent memory were only published by Lucas Arts not created by them

Wikki4122d ago

Gladius was my favourite Lucas Arts game... so disappointed we'll never see another

XXXL4122d ago

Loved the super star wars games on snes

Coach_McGuirk4122d ago

Monkey Island on sega cd, summer of '96. Best summer of my life.


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DefenderOfDoom2140d ago

Thank you again NIGHTDIVE for making a remaster of one my favorite PS1 games Darlk Forces ! definitely buying this on day one . Even John Romero had given Dark Forces high praise back in the 90s .

nmbr1esq140d ago

Let's get remakes/remasters of the Jedi Knight series and some more sequels to that franchise too.


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mastershredder161d ago

eh…Gilbert, Purcell Schaffer were the trail blazers in that crew. David, while he did do some stuff once, like a real long ass time ago is more like b-list personality that specializes in reminiscing and signing ops at a convention.


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PhillyDillyDee513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

These games are crazy nostalgic for me… those FMVs… I can almost smell the computer room in my house growing up.