Sorry, Star Wars fans, LucasArts needed to go

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Disney is doing the right thing by the franchise by taking control of the license, and by giving it to those developers that can prove they can build quality games around the Star Wars franchise, perhaps we'll see a return to the glory days of the franchise that brought us the likes of Rogue Squadron."

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NYC_Gamer3637d ago

Disney made the right choice business and profit wise

kratos1233637d ago

but lets be honest they haven't released anything good this gen and the quality was slipping even further

Jek_Porkins3637d ago

I disagree, I think the first Force Unleashed game was pretty good, and had a fair amount of innovation.

We don't know what Star Wars 1313 could have been, and now we'll never know, but it looked promising, same with First Assault.

guitarded773637d ago

LucasArts still had the Star Wars license. There's always hope for redemption with Star Wars. 1313 looked great, and a new SWBF game would have won everyone back. TFU was good, but a bit short with some camera issues and repetitive enemies. LA may have had some downs, but they're LA and could have come back with a vengeance. I blame Darrell Rodriguez for F'ing up LA and Disney for not looking at the potential since DR is gone.

FriedGoat3637d ago

Lucasarts haven't made a good game since Grim Fandango. Maybe Tim can but the licence now and make a sequel!

GREW50ME3637d ago

Force Unleashed was terrible. It had epic writing, but it was ruined by the slowest clunkiest mechanics ever.

DeadlyFire3637d ago

Jedi Knight, Outcast, and Academy play better. Sure FU is fun to an extent with powers, but JK series still holds the best way to play with Jedi lightsabers and force powers.

SilentNegotiator3637d ago

It's probably infinitely less risk to license than do things in house with constant staff.

majiebeast3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Guys it doesnt look like this is the last of the layoffs/closures prepapre yourself for more sad news.

I think IO interactive is on the Square enix chopping block and will get downsized. EA is gonna close or downsize a few more like EA Montreal and the guys who did MoH.

Disney could have totaly turned the studio around but instead took the easy way out , i hate Disney if they buy hasbro its over.

I bet 1 of the 2 evil empires(EA,Activision) will get the Starwars license and there goes the hope of a good starwars game.

NYC_Gamer3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Disney is a company about business and profit just like the others..There is no such thing as taking the easy way out when have to spend millions of dollars to produce software that's not bringing in proper returns...It's easy for fans to sit back and cast judgment since they aren't the ones spending that huge amount of cash to get things rolling..

guitarded773637d ago

Which is EXACTLY why GL should have never sold out Star Wars. GL is about $$$ too, but he was very concerned about the image of Star Wars, and it's authenticity. This is a real kick in the nuts for me... Star Wars represents my childhood, and I still look forward to new Star Wars experiences, especially in video games.

FarCryLover1823637d ago

I'm really not sure why EA allowed an Army of Two 3 game out. Never sold well, so why are they laying off workers? Project was dumb to begin with.

StreetsofRage3637d ago

They haven't made a good start wars game in a long time. I picked up star wars galaxies mmo developed by Sony. It sucked. Star wars kinect was so bad it was funny.

Only thing I liked was the sick cut scenes of their games.

Kran3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Thing is though, just when things started to look good:

First Assault looked brilliant for Battlefront fans and Star Wars 1313 looked quite unique.

But alas... gone. We may never know how good they were... wasn't First Assault due to be released pretty soon though? :/

OpieWinston3637d ago

It was due to release in Fall...
I would've bought it day 1 to give a shot at Battlefront 3.

GABRIEL10303637d ago

The awful company that buried the creator of the great game Split second Black Rock Studio and now Lucas Arts: Disney...I hate you¡ ... Mickey...this rat :(

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