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The third in the long running series of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games has arrived in the west. Can it surpass previous games and become the best Naruto game to date?

Ninja Storm 3 opens with a flash back of a cinematic battle before the events of any Naruto game before rushing forward and picking up right where the second game left off. The story from there follows from the rebuilding of the hidden leaf village all the way to the epic standoff against Tobi. The game allows players to free roam around the world of Naruto, taking side quests and fighting giant bosses as they like. The game now has a battle replay mode, where the player can relive key fight from the Naruto franchise. The game stays loyal to the source material and goes even further than the current anime that is airing, however the final portion of the game is a non-cannon story created only for the game, this could disappoint diehard fans.

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