Latest Firmware patch allows PS2 games to be installed to the Hard Drive

According to the Japanese Playstation website, the latest firmware patch also allows users to install PlayStation 2 games to the hard drive. Strategy Informer has contacted Sony to confirm this.


Seems that the Japanese website is actually detailing information about compatibility with Final Fantasy XI, which required a HDD for the PS2. So, any games that require HDD installs for the PS2 will now work on the PS3.

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Darkiewonder4847d ago (Edited 4847d ago )

Mostly the ones that have install options. on the official JP playstation site, they showed games like FFXI

foodbox4847d ago

I just hope this fixes COD4.

mighty_douche4847d ago

I'll wait for official news before i get excited, but this would be an excellent feature, and just another feather in the PS3's crowded hat.

Korosuke4847d ago

this is mistranslation.

JoelR4847d ago

yeah definitely a mistranslation

What is is allowing (and this is important as well) is games that require HDD installs for the PS2 have been fixed to work
(AKA: Better BC)

kingme714847d ago

Well darn, had my hopes up. I've been renting PS2 titles from Gamefly lately and was hoping to copy them to the HDD and send them back. Oh well, maybe in the future.

BTW: I've rented alot of PS2 titles on my 80GB and have had only 1 issue with BC and that was with Psychonauts and even then that could have been disc related because it didn't even attempt to read the disc. Overall, I've been very impressed with the BC of the 80GB.

Kleptic4847d ago

its fixing some BC issues with the 80gb and EU 60/20gb models; just to clarify it a little further...

~1.30 allowed games that required an HDD install on a PS2 to run on a fully BC PS3 (i.e. NA/JA 60gb or 20gb)...

but yeah...Sony probably won't release any firmware update that allows you to install a PS2 game to your PS3 HDD officially...that is just asking for all kinds of piracy stuff...I have some friends with over 100 PS2 games, some of which that are still $40 new...I doubt Sony is going to give me the option to attain all those titles for free...some 3rd party publishers might have quite a problem with that...

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Kojima touches kids4847d ago

This only allows Backward Compatibility with PS2 titles that required the HDD. Such as FFXI.

Delive4847d ago (Edited 4847d ago )

it would allow the installs for faster load times. That would have been a nice feature, even if you needed the disk to boot it to prevent piracy.

OK, Who is the pirate who disagreed with me? lol

she00win994847d ago

harrr, that would be meee!!
just kidding..

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