Xbox 720 and PS4 games: What themes 'Battlefield 4' is focusing on

The Xbox 720 and PS4 will be receiving a number of different experiences from the games that hit the platforms, and it looks like "Battlefield 4" is going to try and deliver a much more emotion performance than ever seen before........

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DigitalSmoke2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

The Xbox 720 isn't anounced people, it doesn't excist!

cayleee2148d ago

Technically the PS4 doesnt exist either. Asides the controller that is.

ratrace2148d ago

Technically it exists, and comes out this year.

DigitalSmoke2148d ago

Nope, the PS4 does excist.

2148d ago
ExCest2148d ago

You spelled my name wrong and it exists.

Non-existent is if they weren't making it and an idea isn't even floating around to make it, which they clearly are.

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tristanwerbe2148d ago

ugh Battlefield 4 craz....I was sold on it last time until my friend told me about their false ads showing the PC version for the console ones....and then I played the beta and it was awful..... canceled my pre order and rented from looked really crapy even in 1080 p it was awful I hope it will be better this time....but it's EA

Hufandpuf2148d ago

"Graphics looked crappy"

of course if you thought the trailers and ads were console footage. I can't believe that you thought the xbox and ps3 version could look like that.

your loss though, BF3 was great.

tristanwerbe2148d ago

I knew they were PC and no it was nothing but great shit campaign co op sucked and boring multiplayer since it was not the PC one

oof462148d ago

I'm a Battlefield homer and I wish them the best of luck with Bf4. Drama and empathy are difficult to do in stories for FPS because you're shooting hundreds and hundreds of enemies. Comedy and spoofing is easier to do, which is why the Bad Company campaigns are well loved.

D_RoyJenkins2148d ago

Can't wait to experience it

venom062148d ago

sadly Cod fanboy sites like IGN are ALREADY trying to talk down BF4 (with stupid nonsense comments of "no-innovation") after only a 17min video... which actually did show many new aspects of single player, never seen before in the BF franchise, as well as beautiful next-gen graphics.... This is the same pathetic site that gave the COPY AND PASTE MW3 glowing reviews when it was the exact copy of MW2.... any BF4 will more than likely be a glorious experience on the next gen consoles, especially with the higher frames per second and higher player count.