The future of DayZ Standalone

If you enjoyed the original DayZ mod, you have most likely been keeping a close eye on the upcoming standalone version. If you are slightly put off by the fact that it hasn’t been released yet, fear not! There are many reasons why you should still be interested in the game and not disheartened by a delayed release.

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soultecc2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I think the reason for all these delayes are due to the console release of dayz (which I have no problem with at all)is ruining the release for pc version. but instead of just saying that he just keeps coming out with all these bullshit excuses. anyway this was my most wanted game and now Im getting so sick and tired of all these delayes ive lost most of my intrest in this game. dean hall you made a great mod on the pc and now I think you are focusing too much on getting it on console its just delaying the pc version even longer. its just like a massive F U to the people who made your game popular in the first place.

also after reading the article and reading about having to help ppl, that is just stupid I would rather be hunting those ppl down and shooting them. the game was fine as it was all it needed was slightly better graphics and most of all the hacking problem fixed

RedSoakedSponge2144d ago

i dont think you could be more wrong...

noxeven2145d ago

At pax the major reason they stated the standalone isn't even release yet for alpha for there hardcore fans is because they wanna ensure that the architectural for servers is in place to prevent hacking.

TedCruzsTaint2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Its future is being on my PC, whenever they actually decide to release the thing.

ATi_Elite2145d ago

from the Dev videos I've seen DayZ SA is gonna take DayZ to a whole new level and this is the delay of the game.

I'm glad Rocket decided to go all out and add New features and places to current maps instead of just making a Generic standalone.

So the wait for DayZ SA is not bad cause the game is gonna feel like a sequel and not just a remake.

Graphics, gameplay, features, interface have all been pumped up. So going from DayZ alpha to DayZ SA is gonna feel like playing an entirely NEW game and that's worth the wait.

kostchtchie_2145d ago

when will you be released, dunno if i can be bothered go from day z i play on private servers now to rockets new day z