5 Things that you Shouldn’t Say to a Girl Gamer that You're into

Have you ever had a girl that you liked and she turned out to be a gamer. To some people this sort of circumstance seems like a dream come true. Naturally, when there is a girl you’re into who likes video games your first instinct is to want to play a game with her. This is all good and especially if she knows you in person, she is probably going to want to play with you too. However, if you don’t play your cards right, over time she might start avoiding you and you might ask yourself why if things once seemed A okay. It is all too common for guys who are trying to win a girl gamers affection to just simply start saying the wrong things. Saying the wrong things tend to come a cliché to gamer guys trying to pick up on the video game loving females. Unfortunately, sometimes these slogans will be the things that make your interest not all that interested in you. So, which statements are best avoided when trying to pick up on a girl who loves video games?

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TheSuperior 2145d ago

Girls... you can never say anything right... its even wrong when you keep your mouth shut hahaha but you gotta love em x)

Blacktric2145d ago

>girl gamer

Ignorance really is "bliss" I guess...

UnSelf2145d ago Show
Mounce2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Are you trying to correct TheSuperior, or the article title?....

g2gshow2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

listen young jedi's say what ever you want she already knows from the first time she spot's you if she likes you just have some respect.Think of it like this... you ever meet a girl that was so lame but she had the greatest pair of tits ever or was so pretty you forgot the convocation or her name when you dialed her number .Did anything she do matter outside of pulling out a di*k the answer is NO!! they think the same way we do they just can afford to be more picky cause some loser's is always telling them how amazing they are even when they not.Only thing that can change a women's mind is if you posses something she wants or admire's money/talent or are just in the right place at the right time luck

i have had nothing but the best an the prettier they are the less logical they tend to be. unless the are foreign trust me when i tell you why you think they love jerks.... wink jocks ,ugly musicians


... usually I say... DON'T TAKE MY FIRE FLOWER!

TheSuperior 2145d ago

How does that work out for you? lol


Usually I end up falling into a pit after raging.

Snookies122145d ago

Lol yeah... I think every girl I've dated played video games to some extent. Though honestly, I never had any problems with them. If you're going out there "looking" for girls that play games to date, you won't have much luck. The hobby shouldn't be the main point that you're looking for, get to know the girl first, then talk about the hobbies lol.

Bobby Kotex2145d ago

Imaginary girlfriends don't count.

12345idk2145d ago

All I need is Rosie Palm and her 5 fingers ;]

Snookies122145d ago

No, no they do not count. :]

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2145d ago

I have used some of those comments on guys. Lol.

2145d ago
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