If You're Going To Do An HD Collection, Do It Right

In days marked by the fuzzy, high-pitched glare of the cathode ray tube, resolution wasn’t such a concern, and games were not made with the understanding that five, ten, or twenty years down the line they might be plugged into a television on which their every pixel or polygon was blown up into a jagged, blocky distraction.

Once developers realized that, though, they certainly moved fast.

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Snookies122146d ago

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 was the best I've seen in terms of remastering. Hopefully FFX will follow suit, which it looks to be. MGS HD was of course really well done as well though.

Heavenly King2146d ago

in FFX they reworking the textures and they are even giving more Polygons to the characters and environments. It cant get better than that dude.

_QQ_2146d ago

they should just make KH 1,2,and bbs with the upgrades as the collection and charge 60$ imo. I know allot of people who would buy that including myself

TenkoTAiLS2146d ago

Those three being the popular ones is why they are separating the sets as they are. KH 1.5 HD with KH, COM and 356/2 Days, and the followup KH 2.5 HD which will have KH2, BBS and Coded. (Not announced but its a no-brainer)

Lets face it sales of the two HD collections will be good this way. If they released one with KH, KH2 and BBS then followed it up with a collection with 356/2 Days and Coded with scenes from 3D, the sales on the second collection full of "side games" would be a lot less.

It's business sense to do it they way they are doing it to maximize sales and still release all the content.

Gigaguy7772146d ago

Charge $60? No. The 3 games put together are not worth $60, throw in another game or bump it to $40, $60 is way too high.

_QQ_2145d ago

yeah its obviously a better business decision to seperate the best games but honestly people only want those 3, i'm saying 60 because they are actually putting good work into the releases, just like WWHD will probably be 60, though the KH releases won't be as big of an improvement, it will be 3 games.I just hope this is them getting people up to speed before releasing KH3.

Hellsvacancy2146d ago

I can vouch for the Hitman HD collection, I thought it looked great, really sharp, especially Hitman Contracts

Killzone HD on the other hand doesnt look that much better than the PS2 version

CaulkSlap2146d ago

That one was probably easy considering Hitman games are all PC based. It's got to be so much harder to rework a console exclusive game that only exists as hard coded for specific incompatible old hardware.

Dark5tar12146d ago

The MGS HD Collection, to me, was well worth picking up.

Blastoise2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Playing MGS HD on the Vita, its awesome. One of the few games I really feel have benefited from touch controls

greatcrusader442146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Never got the chance to play MGS 3 Til I got the hd edition last year, Game was simply amazing, even after having 8-9 yrs to age.

Heavenly King2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

The best collections for me are:

MGS HD Collection
God of War Collection (the CGIs are a not sharp, but the game is treated in a great way)
God of War Origins Collection
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection
Ratchet & Clank Collection
Jak and Daxter Collection
Sly Cooper Collection

DMC collection is just crap. The games are just given more resolution and that's it. All the textures look like $hit. And the menus within the games are 9:6. Really poor "HD" collection. RE4 HD is another poor example of HD remastering, because it has the same treatment as DMC collection.

Kingdom Hearts and FFX Collection are looking really good.

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