Letters From Columbia: Breaking Down BioShock Infinite [SPOILERS]

Wired: Do people still have conversations around the water cooler anymore? If so, BioShock Infinite is sure to be a hot topic of discussion wherever nerds still coalesce around beverage dispensers.

If you were at all familiar with Ken Levine and Irrational Games’ 2007 magnum opus BioShock, with its enveloping, fascinating world and its masterfully written characters, you should have expected that BioShock Infinite, the sequel nearly six years in the making, would have delivered another such experience. Days and weeks after finishing it, we can’t stop thinking about it. With so many angles to explore, we decided to have a conversation about what we took away from Infinite. I am joined by Wired fellow Jensen Toperzer and contributor John Mix Meyer. Here’s our first round of letters, with at least one more to follow.

Note: Colossal BioShock Infinite spoilers follow. Only read this if you’ve already finished the game, too!

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