Xbox 720 To Be Similar To PS4 Says Ubisoft

The Xbox 720 will be 'aligned with what Sony announced' according to a senior developer at Ubisoft.

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gtxgamer22149d ago

If that's the case, then it's all gonna be about exclusive games, software, etc.

GraveLord2149d ago

He's not talking about specs. From what we know PS4 still has the spec advantage and its unlikely to change this close to release.

It's always been about exclusive games though. The next XBox could be weak as hell but people will still buy it because its the only place to play Halo.

supraking9512149d ago

lol only place to play Halo, Halo is dead. Not the big game that it once was. MS needs something new

Gildarts2149d ago

"From what we know PS4 still has the spec advantage and its unlikely to change this close to release. "

And you know this how? Because of some rumours?

They also said that the ps4 was going to block used games. Yet no such thing is on PS4.

dcbronco2149d ago


I would love to be the developer of a dead game that has sold 8 million copies in less than six months. What exactly is an alive game to you.

Godz Kastro2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

@supraking951... Dead to who? you? If anything 343 has brought the franchise back to the forefront. Halo 4 is awesome on both MP and SP. You made a super subjective comment as is mine but I have numbers to back it up. As mentioned, 8 Mil units sold as an exclusive game is nothing to scoff at. Have any of the Sony franchises even reached that many sales?

Im not picking a fight here just want you to back up what you say.

Gaming_Guru2149d ago

For the people responding to "halo is dead" I think the person means in terms of gameplay. Yes Halo is popular, but once you have played one you know how to play them all; same weapons, same guns, but with different skins. The same people jumping with one ton spartans while shooting still happens.

The last Halo, finally upgraded the graphics, but I find that one to be the buggiest game of them all. Halo is like the pretty girl in school, but knows nothing. The game is still good, I still play, it just doesn't change much.

mp12892149d ago

Mandatory kinect won't help with the pricing

southernbanana2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

What delusional world do you live in anyway??

blackmagic2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

The first comment was marked as trolling so I can't reply there.

In response to 'thechosenone' saying that Sony was first to market and MS and Nintendo copied Sony's Eyetoy (first conceived in 1999, launched in 2003)

NaturalPoint started development of head tracking technology 'TrackIR' in 1997.

TrackIR was released in 2001 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 (October 2001 launch) was the first game to use it, almost two years before Sony's Eyetoy even launched.

whoyouwit042148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

"He's not talking about specs. From what we know PS4 still has the spec advantage and its unlikely to change this close to release."

That's what you think you know, know one has any idea what the specs for 720 are, so how can you say the PS4 has the advantage? And what makes you think he is not talking about specs.

_-EDMIX-_2148d ago


"They also said that the ps4 was going to block used games. Yet no such thing is on PS4"

?? Whom? To my understanding, no leak from Edge or VGleaks etc said a word about PS4 blocking used games. The rumor with Sony and blocking used games is not LINKED to PS4, it was a rumor of Sony getting a patent for something that ID'ed the disk and tagged it to the system.

Though this patent did happen, it was never in the leaks with PS4.

MS and 720 blocking used games has EVERYTHING to do with the Edge and Vgleaks, So even before PS4 was announced most knew it wouldn't block used games because the leaks didn't say a thing about it.

Every 720 leak has confirmed this DRM and blocking of used games. Its very much NOT the same thing.

The same sources that leaked PS4 said nothing about it blocking used games in those leaks, those SAME sources are saying 720 will block used games and have always online DRM.

I'm sorry, but the more MS fans keep throwing in the whole "rumor" BS is actually really starting to show JUST haw terrirfied they are that this is actually true.

Look at it this way, none those sites where wrong about PS4, Wii U, PSV back when they leaked it as its code name NGP (mind you, a lot of people where calling BS on it having OLED touch, rear touch etc)....all 100% down to the last spec true.

So......720 is somehow not part of that? So everyone in the game industry are just lying about 720 and its a HUGE conspiracy? LOL! I've said it before and I'll say it system has been announced under sire secrecy.

We will know everything about 720 before its announced and I'm sorry MS fans, it doesn't sound good.

pete0072148d ago

spec advantage only against wiiu at this moment,does xbox have a past known for its weaknesses or inferior hardware? even 360 is on par with the supercomputer, so, im forced to believe that well have a BOMB real soon.
we are Lucky to have halo to play even with a supposed weak hardware, as opposed to you who need a supercomputer to run killzone, jak Dexter, spyro,and on and on

fr0sty2148d ago

Assuming our spec leaks have been true (which held up for PS4, so we gotta give them some credit), it would be very difficult for Microsoft to make any real changes to the architecture this close to launch from a design and engineering point of view. You must consider that even changing the type of RAM from DDR3 to GDDR5 requires designing a completely different RAM controller for the system, then you've still got the EDRAM to worry about (do you keep it and rack up massive system costs, or do you ditch it in favor of the GDDR5, but have to redesign your APU to do without it?). IF they beefed up the GPU, it'd be the same thing to deal with. They then have to take this higher performing GPU that also emits more heat as a result and test it alongside all the other components in the system for overheating, among other things. This doesn't even touch on the developers who have been coding games for this machine for the past 2 years or so not having a clue what changes are being made, which could hurt the development process of a lot of key launch titles (especially if the change is a big one, and requires them to retool things on the software end). Even a tiny change can have big consequences, and every single one of them has to go through rigorous quality control tests before it will be ready for market (don't want a repeat of RROD).

This is why it's not as easy as Microsoft saying "Sony has this, so now we want that." this close to their supposed launch. Delays could happen anywhere in the pipeline from both hardware to software development as a result, and launching much later than PS4 would not be a wise move for Microsoft. They want to be out by the holiday season as well.

Kennytaur2148d ago

Remember the PS4 vs Titan chart? 720 was pegged as well, a bit below PS4. I'm fully expecting it to be slightly less powerful as there has been no rumours otherwise. The rumours were very much spot on for the PS4, so...

ichimaru2148d ago

why does it seem to bother you that the 720 will likely have specs similar to the ps4. do you have to"feel" confident that Sony's is more powerful. if anything this benefits all facets, no one is left feeling they have a weaker product.

Controversy2148d ago

If similarity in the overall architecture comes as a surprise to anyone reading this, you are drastically uninformed. Years of game-making have shown programmers what works, what is easy to use, and what isn't. Similar architecture shouldn't just be expected, it should be demanded by both game devs and gamers alike.

We want our games to be the best. Period.

hazardman2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

@superfake... Halo 4 is a very good game. Also almost 8mil sold id say people still think highly of the franchise. Halo 4 looks great on Xbox 360. I could only imagine what its gonna be like on X720!

BattleAxe2148d ago

Microsoft's E3 conference:

"Our console is very similar to the PS4"

MakiManPR2148d ago

The Wii U is the only place to play Mario, Zelda, etc and its not selling that well...

Syntax-Error2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

NO PS EXCLUSIVE EVER EVER EVER has surpassed Halo's numbers. EVER! Even Halo 4 destroyed ANY PS3 exclusive. If you combine all the PS3 exclusives against Gears and Halo numbers you will see that you are bigger moron than what we all can already see. Gears and Halo alone have outsold all PS3 exclusives combined(50M)

grimmweisse2148d ago

@Syntax-Error, seriously! You couldn't be more misinformed. Firstly Gears is hardly an exclusive if 1 and 2 were released on the pc.

And as for that 50 million mark, you really didn't count that much did you. All PS3 exclusives sold easily go over the 75 million mark.

steve30x2148d ago

Oh don't contradict GraveLord or he won't be long PM'ing you telling you how wrong you are. I had to block him because he wouldn't leave me alone.

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_QQ_2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

people with an xbox will probably buy a nextbox because their XBL friend list.

Minato-Namikaze2149d ago

New generations dont follow that rule. Its always the best time for a company to steal away some consumers from a differnt company. I know at least 3 friends (in the real world) that are switching to PS next gen. They probably wont ever buy a PS3 but will switch because of a couple different factors, including free online, games, and some of my influence, lol.

MetalProxy2149d ago

probably true! and its the exact reason I will be sticking with my PSN friends and will get a PS4. Had maybe 5 friends on my xbox :/ and they where rarley on to play. Lots of cricket and frog sounds when I used my xbox :(.

_QQ_2149d ago

yeah most educated gamers won't do this, but i'm talking about the guys who only play madden and COD, they will probably stick with what their friends have.After all, they are a big part of the market too now.

rainslacker2149d ago

This is actually the first gen where we really have that issue to contend with. The original Xbox didn't have a large enough install base to really judge if people would care that much about maintaining their online identity into a new gen. Now with all systems having that infrastructure, we will see how much people really care about such things.

It can be hard to move onto a new social network, because you have to give up everything you built before, and it means possibly not being able to play with people you like to play with. In other forms of social media it means when one becomes dominant, newer better ones have problems getting a foothold because people just don't want to change. Even MMO's are hard to give up because of the networks that people create.

All that being said, I believe that being able to play the games you want is more important, but one should never discount the power of a social media in building brand loyalty. It directly ties the quality of the device to the quality of the service in many people's minds

Godz Kastro2149d ago

Totally agree. I have said in the past things have changed. Its not like it used to be where you would buy a console based on games alone. There is a lot to think of now.

Mr Lopez has brought my main reason to the forefront. I have 100 friends on my list. People who I have come to know over the years. I actually consider them good friends as we interact not only on games but our personal lives. I will buy the console solely on that alone.

dcbronco2149d ago

Many people that are talking about switching are basing it on rumors and the fact that MS hasn't announced anything. I would refer to them as making an educated choice. I understand many don't want to par for online gaming, but they need to realize Sony didn't make PSN+ for fun. It is a slow walk to a more reasonable business position. Three fifty a month is not a lot for what the companies spend to maintain and defend a network.

The perception that the PS4 is m,ore powerful is a terrible reason. If they waited for actual releases to decide that would make sense to a point. But even then, most games will be multi-platform. And the educated gamer knows that multi-platform games are designed to work on the weaker machine and will therefore hold back the other machine if there was a significant difference.

The funniest thing about all of the rumors is that all of the Xbox leaks have shown dual GPUs. Coupled with the rumors of which GPU will be used, the 720 actually sounds like the more powerful machine. But on multi-plats it won't matter as much. It's odd that none of the rumors that favor the 720 are given an weight. One of which we know came from within Microsoft. So you have to wonder about the people pushing the idea of the PS4 being more powerful and the agenda they are working.

hazardman2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

@metalpreppy, you must be anti social, have your mic on mute or silver and have never gamed online on xbox live. Crickets..crickets....I wish I heard crickets on xbl once in awhile dude with all the shit talking that goes on. I'm talking almost any good multiplayer. What games are you playing btw?

I have about 18 friends mostly old school buddies and family and even when there not on. There's millions of other gamers to play with......

I went thru same thing on PS3 but then I figured people just didn't have the extra $$ for the bluetooth. As most Xbox sans arcade/4gb came with headset.

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AngelicIceDiamond2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

If that's the case, then it's all gonna be about exclusive games, software.

Like I've been saying ever since the next gen Xbox rumors started.

Hmm, disagrees huh. well, you have to be pretty dumb if you think MS won't have AAA core exclusive games, lined up and ready to be announced when MS announces their console.

I can't believe N4G will be "Shocked" when MS reveals games. Well damn it is a gaming console smart ones...

3-4-52148d ago

More exclusives would be nice. I've never cared about them much but thinking back on it.

SNES/ Genesis has tons of exclusives...

PS1 / N64 tons of exclusives.

When you start putting games on every console, they have to conform and lose their uniqueness.

Jazz41082148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Sad day for gaming.

brave27heart2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago ) so?

If both consoles are similar multiplatformgames should be just a good as each other. Thats a good point, no shoddy ports. And just because they're similar doesnt mean they wont have differences, like which market they're trying to appeal to, design philosophy and services provided.

Saigon2148d ago

Its not a sad day for gaming. I think what is sad that most people seem to not read the article and take the verbiage from the title as what the article was referring to. Granted, rumors already released saying that each system will be similar in spec, with a slight advantage to the PS4 but this article was more in reference to the social features and aspect that will be presented in the Next Generation systems.

turgore2148d ago

Then whats the point of there being two almost identical consoles on the market ?

hazardman2148d ago

As identical as Arnold and Danny in Twins!!

joab7772148d ago

It will be similar to this gen with ps4 being more powerful. MS doesn't care b/c they know that most games will be nearly the same. PS has invested heavily in 1st party titles and that's great for us but MS knows they have a huge base of gamers and if the pricepoint is right, they know everyone will buy one eventually if they can offer a better entertainment experience. This is their focus just like this gen, to make the entertainment experience the best one out there.

Also, they hav no other choice. The PC is dying and they sell OS' s and Office software. They need to get out in front of tech evolution and they want to provide the PC experience on ur television. Lucky for them apple and google hav failed with their TV boxes so MS has a great opportunity. Now, they will not abandoned games but look for more f2p and mmo's coming...its all about revenue.

N4g_null2148d ago

Look at all those console developers closing... Yep pc gaming is dead.

2148d ago
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GiggMan2149d ago

Can't wait until the speculation is over with...

Why o why2149d ago

Totally agree. A lot of loose lips from every angle...lets just wait and see

Nucler1002149d ago

Man a lot of 720 news has been coming out recently. I hope we get a reveal soon

sak5002149d ago

LOL true but all from different mouths. We need to hear directly from horse's mouth ;)