Why the PS4 and Xbox 720 Will Avoid the Graphical Growing Pains of the Current Gen

Gameranx: "A small graphical step is better than a giant leap for developers, here’s why."

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DivineAssault 2148d ago

maybe it is the last time we see console launch like this.. nx nx gen may be all cloud based but who the hell knows?? What kind of evolution will come this time.. This gen brought HD & network so idk what nx gen will bring besides social interactions.. Only time will tell but im still pumped for the increase in power & knowing multiplats wont run cruddy

nirwanda2148d ago

People complain about imput lag on tv's thats why they have game setting's on them now, people even complain about the responsiveness they get from 60fps vs 30fps.
Now imagine cloud gameing where every button press has too travel to a server before the image response comes back to you, will never work for some games.

DivineAssault 2148d ago

i know.. The internet itself needs to evolve which might happen before you know it.. 56k went to high speed, & high speed will move up into something different too

sinjonezp2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Technological growth is a part of the cycle. Next Gen after PS4 - NextXbox will incorporate true 4k gaming resolutions, but other then that we will just continue to see better textures, shadows, etc. I doubt internet bandwith will be significantly ready for cloud base service. If they do attempt it, internet providers will try to milk us consumers with data caps, outrageous pricing and so on.

DeadlyFire2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Next next gen will still have discs. More cloud will be in the mix, but national bandwidth is sluggish to grow so it will take awhile before that is fully accepted.

Why cloud will not be for everything? Bandwidth one.

2. 4K and beyond resolutions will require even more bandwidth than what we will have available. At 720p or so we might see games come from the cloud in the future, but on the same platform we can only play 4K off of the cloud.

DigitalSmoke2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Sounds good, just hope there's room to grow as well.

JoGam2148d ago

C'mon now, Haven't you been on N4G lately? Ask Logicwins

DigitalSmoke2148d ago

How can people DISAGREE with the statement above.


Morons doesn't suit these people.

firelogic2148d ago

Take it with a pinch of salt? Killzone Shadow Fall was all in-game. It was played on Jimmy Fallon's show. How much more "real" do you want it?

clintagious6502148d ago

I wanna see what naughty dog can do with the ps4. I mean look how gorgeous the last of us looks on ps3. And this is a screenshot from last e3. Naughty Dog are amazing devs.

CaulkSlap2148d ago

This generation will definitely be an easier step. The development tools are much more advanced and scalable. Mostly what we'll see is a big boost in texture resolution and improving existing effects techniques. It's not at all like last gen where console devs essentially had to start from the ground up.

This generation will definitely bring a good leap in graphical fidelity but hopefully the main thing we'll see is a lot more interactive and detailed environments.