Battleblock Theater Review (

This game puts on quite a show.

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Sidology2147d ago

i'm quite under the impression that the behemoth do very little wrong

grailly2147d ago

my only problem with this game is that I refuse to pay for XBL so I can't play online, so it's not even a problem with the game itself. I'll have to invite some friends over, it's really fun.

Captain Qwark 92147d ago

omg suck it up, too many people bitch about that like its a big deal. its 8 dollars a month, 1 less burger king meal a month. hardly gonna break the bank. is free better? yes of course, anything free is better. is the price too steep though? not really, esp since its on sale practically weekly

grailly2147d ago

people don't get that you vote with your money, if XBL is still a paid service it's because everybody thinks like you. on top of that, the 360 is not my main console, the last 3 games I played on it were fez, bastion and now battleblock, why would I pay as much for playing online with a game than I would the game itself as I would only use live for that?

jagiii2147d ago

This one wasn't on my radar but is now.

creHEARTive2147d ago

this game looks great and unique. I am definitely checking this out.