Best PS3 Exclusives: 2006-2013

Compilation of PS3 exclusives realeased since console debut on european market. Over 50 games, without PS Move titles and HD Collections. Over 25 minutes of video - a must see for every PlayStation fan.

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majiebeast2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Fitting tribute to a beast of a console.

2008 is really when the ps3 started to find its ground. After that it just kept going without stopping with 2012 being the weakest year even then, it still has 1 of the most critically acclaimed games of the year with Journey.

Also shows Sony has really learned their lesson from the PS3 launch if we look at the PS4 launch(so far).

DigitalRaptor2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

True that. I can't even begin to decide the PS3's strongest year, though it's either 2008, 2009 or 2013, in my opinion.

2009 was simply fantastic!

NateCole2149d ago

For me

MGS4,VC,DS,Infmous,LBP. These are the 5 games i have spent the most time playing this gen so they are the best for.

Honest_gamer2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

SOOOOOOOO glade folklore is on this list!!!! (tho i think it might be ever exclusive game lol?) but i have waited YEARS to play it finaly got it the other day for £15 just HAD to buy it, thats a steal for such a rare game that regulary goes for £70+ on ebay and amazon, and wow just wow the grahics are amazing the game really did age well, when i turned it on i joked to my mate that it'll look like FF12 (one of the last graphically impressive ps2 games and one of the first ps3 gmaes) and how wrong i was, even tody graphically it is better than the majority of games, and the cut scenes while cgi are really good! gameplay is also amazing didnt think there was much use for the sixaxis out with heavenly sword.

Edit: best ps3 exclusive games in order
1. mgs4 (i cmpleted that game 8!!!! times before i played another game! plus that line "this is good......isnt it" tears me up every time)
2. one piece (this is so high purly because im a OP mega fan, if i didn't like op the game would have 0 appeal)
3.valkyria cronicals - art style, game play, overall quality, need i say more

Overall best games this gen
1. MGS4 (ps3)
2. Infinite Undiscovery (360)
3. Magna Carter 2 (360)
4. lost odyssey (360)
5. Skyrim (pc - with HD texture mod, ram mod, sky and foliage mod, monster wars & monster pack mods and the night time sky mod)
6. Bioshock 1 (ps3)
7. Star ocean 4 the last hope (i have both but i prefer the 60 due to having a save at 300+ hours to the ps3's just completed the campaign version)
8. Alan wake (360)
9. enchanted arms (ps3)
10. Gears of war 1 (360 -not the mp just the campaign was so good)

F*ck MP single player for life

LightningMokey2149d ago

Uncharted 2 best exclusive this gen!

That is until... Last of Us hits shelves (probably).

Tommymk22149d ago

Agreed uncharted 2 was great , mgs4 is one of best though

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The story is too old to be commented.