Wii U: Will Poor Specs and Bad Timing Sink Nintendo's Flagship?

The Wii U is facing a big challenge to stay relevant as interest in the next generation of consoles hots up. The original Wii overcame its hardware deficiencies through an innovative gaming style, but the Wii U is far less revolutionary. Can it survive? Or do we have the next Dreamcast on our hands?

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dedicatedtogamers2148d ago

I don't think the WiiU will sink, but I don't think it will be half as successful as the Wii. Iwata himself even said "the WiiU won't sell as much as the Wii", which seems crazy to admit, but even Nintendo acknowledges it.

And the WiiU isn't Nintendo's flagship. The 3DS is. Nintendo's handheld line has always kept them afloat during the times their console market had diminished.

deafdani2147d ago

You get a lot of disagrees, but you speak the truth. Nintendo's most important part of their business is the handheld market, and it's been like that pretty much always, ever since they released the first Gameboy.

Nintendo's handhelds, historically speaking, have always turned a much bigger profit per unit sold than their home consoles, and Nintendo's own handheld games have a much lower budget than their console counterparts, and generally sell much better.

The Wii was a colossal success, but still wasn't Nintendo's flagship. It was the DS, which has sold to date around 150 million units (vs 100 million Wiis), and continues to sell pretty well today, even 2 years after the 3DS's release.

And their CURRENT flagship is actually the 3DS, not the Wii U. 3DS is now at around 30 million units sold, with their games all selling like hotcakes. I don't think the Wii U will have sold that much when it reachs the same point in its lifetime.

But I guess people love to disagree with facts.

dantesparda2147d ago

Do you people care about the product or the company? cuz it sounds to me like all you's really care about is the company?

Starfox-172148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Please low specs ? modified E6760 with tons of edram ect dx11 i don't know where this low spec rubbish comes from wiiu gpgpu with 32MB/64MB edram is not low spec END OF,if its low spec then Beyonetta2 will look the same as Beyonetta1 just with Anti alaising ect ?? we all know it looks a billion times better.....take a look.

LostDjinn2148d ago

"Please low specs ? modified E6760 with tons of edram ect dx11 i don't know where this low spec rubbish comes from wiiu gpgpu with 32MB/64MB edram is not low spec END OF,if its low spec then Beyonetta2 will look the same as Beyonetta1 just with Anti alaising ect ?? we all know it looks a billion times better.....take a look." - Metroid32, I thought you left. LOL!

It's always funny to see users try to reinvent themselves with a fresh multi just to post the same tired BS comments. The WiiU isn't a beast. Not by any measure. Not even close. Please deal with it.

OT: I think we still need a little more time before passing judgement on whether the WiiU is a failure or not. The ball's in Nintendos' court. Whether it's price cuts, software or a mixture of both, they just need to get to work and they can turn this around.

lilbroRx2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Go tell that to the devs of Trine 2, NFS Most Wanted U and Deus Ex 3 Director's Cut.

The Trine 2 Director's Cut dev said the Wii U version couldn't run the 360/PS3 without being "downscaled".

The NFS most wanted dev said and showed that it had PC assets, higher/more stable frame rate, a larger draw distance and better lighting.

As for the Deus Ex 3 Wii U dev.

"Pedneault was cagey about details and wouldn't get into specifics, but said that the Wii U hardware allowed the team to feature a new lighting system, improved fog, improved shadows, and antialiasing."

All, of this doesn't even tap the best aspect of the Wii U. The Wii U gives you a completely enhanced way of playing the game itself.

Starfox-172147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Who are you on about mate look them specs are not low especially in a console end of get a life all u do is bash wiiu,let the games at E3 do the talking ?


jcnba282147d ago

Cheers for copy and pasting what he said into your comment so more people will see it. What he said is true whether you sony drones like it or not.

dantesparda2147d ago

Wow, just wow! all fanboys are pathetic, but the Nintendo/WiiU fanboys are the saddest most desperate and pathetic fanboys of them all. The WiiU is a beast? really? its a ridiculously outdated, low performance and overprice console, period. Deal with it!

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Ck1x2147d ago

Its funny I think that this image came up before in a topic about Bayonetta 2 and many on here were trying to discredit that the image is of great quality at all. Personally I agree with you, it seems that just from the little snippet at the end and even the rest of Platinum's developer diary proves that this game is going to be on a whole other level that the first one. The character models alone have been confirmed to be in game models and they look drastically more detailed than the current consoles version of Bayonetta 1.

Fierce Musashi2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Holy crap! That was Gomorrah with arms!?


On topic:
Well, if the Wii U ends up being the weakest of the three this upcoming gen, it isn't even safe to say it will sink. If history has taught us anything, it's that the weakest is likely to be the most successful.

We will just have to wait and see.

deafdani2147d ago

Dear God, I always see you coming up with these claims and numbers and images, but you NEVER put a link to back up said claims.

Why do you try so hard to defend Nintendo here? What are you trying to achieve? Wouldn't your time be better spent... you know, playing the Wii U instead of trying to convince haters to love it with feeble, non credible arguments?

As a Nintendo fan, you embarrass me. Please start making more solid arguments, and back them up with official sources, or stop. Just stop.

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stragomccloud2147d ago

Compared to a pc, the Wii U, isn't a beast. But neither is the ps4.
So what's the big deal. The Wii U, though, has an awesome cpu/gpu for a console. Tons of ed ram provide great bandwidth/streaming for the cpu. The gpu is also highly customized. We really just haven't seen anything try to tak e advantage of the hardware from the ground up. Though snippets of Bayonetta 2, and X look amazing. If people don't take one look at X and think Wii U is sporting some great console hardware, then I think they need to clean the fog off of their fanboy goggles. Also, Wii U's hardware is more focused towards gaming since it doesn't have to perform cpu/ram heavy tasks such as video capture /streaming.

skipper2147d ago

I agree mostly, but it does stream to the gamepad. :)

Starfox-172147d ago

This site is full of fanboys that need to take eye tests,the wiiu games like Windwaker,Beyonetta2,X all look amazing.

iplay1up22147d ago

Specs did not seem to "sink" PS2, when the console had allot less power than Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast. Games are what make a console great. At this point in time how much more realistic do you need the game to look to make the GAMEPLAY better? All of the games Next Gen can look really good, and that includes WiiU, at this point in time it is going to be about the games and the gameplay. Sure my PS4 is going to kick my Wii U's ass in terms of power, but just because the games will look better on my PS4 does not mean that I am not going to buy games for Wii U.

skipper2147d ago

You are right about the Xbox and Gamecube having more power than PS2, but Dreamcast did not have the power of PS2. I am just saying.

iplay1up22147d ago

Sorry, you are right, I was just thinking about PS2 and how it lacked in power compared to Xbox, and Gamecube and thought about Dreamcast, Dreamcast was one of my fave consoles back then. Dreamcast, when it came out looked better than ANYTHING on the market back then, and yeah better than PC. Of coarse that has changed now.
I had PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, and Gamecube back then.

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