15 Most Important Games Of This Generation

WC - It has been seven years since the last generation of gaming started. That is a literal age in the world of technology. While the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii begin to wind down, it is an important to the medium to look back, reflect on what happened as to help plot where we went wrong and where we are going moving forward. At the end of every generation, be it gaming or otherwise, we always wonder how it will be remembered. What moments will really stick out? What examples will help explain the ideas of the time to future generations?

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pissed9992149d ago

To save you clicking through all this crap...

15. Oblivion
14. Team Fortress 2
13. Dark Souls
12. Rock band
11. Grand Theft Auto 4
10. Journey
9. Braid
8. Bioshock
7. Mass Effect 3
6. Call Of Duty 4
5. Angry Birds
4. Wii Sports
3. Minecraft
2. World of Warcraft
1. Portal 2

I know, I know, it's a mainstream console centric list from someone who doesn't actually play games. But at least you dont need to click through 15 pages of shit to give them hits now.