Punch Out!! Retro Review I Play Legit

KJ of Play Legit Writes "This is fast paced, and demands that players think outside of the box. Well designed, and absolutely holds up because of its difficulty."

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JeepGamer2146d ago

I wonder what % of N4G readers played this game...

When it was new.

Yeah I'm old.

insomnium22146d ago

LOL I did. That's 100% so far counting both of us. This game sure is a blast!

Daver2146d ago

that game was awesome! It was hard to get to mike tyson

Jek_Porkins2146d ago

I had it when it came out, even tried to play it with the Power Glove, good luck to anyone who's ever tried that.

Anyway, I preferred Mike Tyson's Punch Out to the Mr. Dream one. I bought this off the E-Shop for $0.30 and it still plays great, just forgot what Soda Popinski's tell was before he punches, got my butt whipped pretty bad.

Oh, and Glass Joe still sucks!

DEEBO2146d ago

soda is so hard now! classic games and their difficult settings. you have to love it.


The code to get to tyson 007 373 5962 i think i can't remember the last 4 digits