Persona 4 Golden: PS Vita RPG Game Review-A Darker Image

The most fun thing about Persona 4 Golden is the gameplay, because just because you’re fighting Shadows, doesn’t mean you get an alibi from school. So you’ll be juggling school, fighting shadows and saving people before the fog sets in, and building Social Links. Social Links are what gives your Personas a boost, for example if you had a Rank 7 in a Social Link, and that Link was Magician, you create a Persona with the arcana Magician, and that Persona will get a EXP bonus.

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vork772148d ago

just look up ps2 reviews and there you go

Sharius2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

my review:

best HD remaster of this gen (console and handhled)..... ever!!!

DRM-Killz2148d ago

Wow, just a smidge late dont you think??

adarker2148d ago

It's on sale right now so I figured why not.

DRM-Killz2148d ago

fair enough, but I cant believe 2 people disagreed me, I mean, there's no denying the fact that a review on P4G at this point is late.

ps3_pwns2148d ago

playstation son best rpgs out there. this is why you need to get one every gen if you like rpgs. get a xbox if you only like halo.

ApolloTheBoss2148d ago

Just bought this on Amazon today, and lucky me, this is the last day for the $10 off sale. Can't wait to play this and see what all the buzz is about.