Xbox absence tells us nothing about next-gen

"The message is clear: the NDAs have
been signed at the highest level. This
next-gen discussion doesn't start until
Microsoft's lawyers say so."

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iGAM3R-VIII2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Well it does tell us that MS are stuggling from within and trying to pull of a stunt, when E3 come we gamers will have the answer so we still do not know if MS are building a military supercomputer gaming console lol :P but so far, I am sold on the PS4

StrongMan2147d ago

Well said and I completely agree.


Evil_Ryu2147d ago

Blinded fanboyism comment
+Disagree added. Enjoy :)

JoGam2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

*Correction* Xbox absence tells us nothing about next-gen 720. Because we know and are learning more about Sony's Next Gen console everyday it seems.

iGAM3R-VIII2147d ago

agreed, it is only Ms who hasn't said a thing about the 720, all we know is all of this leaked unofficial rumoured stuff. Essentially, we do not even know if MS are even making a next gen console.

Magnus2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

@ iGAM3R

Microsoft will not drop out of consoles they know there is money to be made in the market with the XBox brand. Microsoft may have done a few stupid things but making money and spending money is what they are good at.

GribbleGrunger2147d ago

Magnus, it was a figure of speech.

Why o why2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

MS are one of the 3 so its a third of next gen we no nothing about. The other 2 have laid their cards out. Ill still be picking up a 720 before that wii u anyway.... I know that much.

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AngelicIceDiamond2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Immediately one really really stupid comment. And the usual troll agrees with you.

"Well it does tell us that MS are stuggling from within and trying to pull of a stunt"

What tells you MS is struggling within? What.. kind of insane garbage are talkin about?

Listen fanboy:


MS doesn't operate on your, or my time, just wait. And who cares if your sold on the PlayStation "so is everyone else" on here. I'll get both eventually but in the mean time I'm still very, very interested on the next Xbox. I'm not sold on the PS4 and obviously the 720 yet so unlike you and everyone else I'll reserve judgment until I get full details on both.

Fanboys I swear....

nukeitall2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

It actually depends on what MS shows, but let's face it, at least it doesn't look like MS is acting reactively. That MS have some deep seated plans.

It's not like when the Kinect was revealed at E3 and then Sony came out with an extremely nervous looking Richard Marks with an amateurish presentation that looks like it was conceived hours after MS E3 presentation.

That's the thing, if MS rushes to announce things it might not be announced right and be perceived negatively.

Fact of the matter is, nothing is sold until consumers buy it and that won't be until at least 6 months from now.

Remember how the press said at $150 nobody would buy Kinect. Over 20 million sold later, it sold better than the original Xbox!

Now, remember how the 3DS was believed to perform very badly, and the PS Vita was praised to high heavens by the media? Fast forward, and the 3DS is selling like hotcakes and PS Vita well isn't gaining traction at all.

Point is, there is plenty of time to announce and inform. The big question is, what does MS have to show?

More importantly than that is the execution and management of all that. Nintendo turned 3DS fortunes around, while Sony has yet to achieve anything with the PS Vita.

Talk is easy, but execution is what matters.

majiebeast2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Yeah you can schedule a tech demo in 1 day... Do you know how stupid you sound? Also atleast Sony's move demo was real, same cant be said for kinect which was alot of smoke and mirrors and bad acting.

MikeMyers2147d ago

The speculations and frenzy we see on forums really doesn't amount to much. What matters is what happens at the retail end. There will be plenty of time for consumers to decide which one to get or more than one system.

Some people are just impatient. I like being surprised, often E3 is ruined because of so many early leaks. You're right, Microsoft should not react to the PS4 announcement just for the sale of trying to be relevant. They should stick to their original plan (whatever that may be) and stay the course.

What I want to see from Microsoft at E3 (if that is truly when we hear about the next Xbox first) is for them to come out very confidentially and abolish the rumors front and center. Say "no, we are not forcing you to stay connected online". "No, we are not abandoning the used market". They reveal the specs and the price and the release date. That would shut everyone up and then move on to what the Xbox has to offer. Show real games running. Show Kinect 2 if they are going that route in real applications and not smoke and mirrors.

I want them to treat me with respect and not as being naive. We've seen enough over the years at E3 that never really materialize or mocked up tech demo's. It's time for Microsoft to put up or shut up. Nobody wants to hear about how well Xbox Live is doing or how many systems they have sold in the U.S. They need to be a global market and not have Live hide behind a pay wall.

otherZinc2146d ago

I also like what M$ is doing:

M$ is about to hit that "Game winning buzzer beater" that the opposing team can do nothing to combat because theres no time left on the clock.

M$ waiting til E3 is the best strategy of all times. If they come with what I'm thinking, others will be left scrambling for attention.

I think M$ sees an opportunity for a game winning shot & they're going hard after the Video Game Market.

Like it or not, most will be impressed and haters will not be able to deny what they deliver.

nukeitall2146d ago


You know what is stupid? To schedule a tech demo in 1-day for one of the biggest trade shows in the year in front of millions of people.

A lot of these things are at least planned far in advanced and re-hearsed frequently. If you don't you risk looking like Sony did with PS Move announcement.

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ps3_pwns2147d ago

i seen people say just wait for e3 when it comes to m$ for the past few years because ps3 been having news way before e3 then when e3 comes out ps3 has even more blow out news. but when e3 comes for M$ its just a bunch of kinect stuff for the past 3 years and either gears or halo and thats pretty much it lol.

i think microsoft kind of screwd so its better to hide the bad news until later instead of having to say the bad new now and then later. When people dont divulge information is because they have very little of it or its bad.

DOMination-2147d ago

Genuine question. What was the blow-out news from Sony's e3 conference last year?

JeffGUNZ2146d ago

How does that tell you that? Let's think for a second, shall we? On January 2, 2013, MS launched a website that counted down to E3, don't believe me, here check the link, Major Nelson even kept the original posted date up top to confirm.
Now, that was posted prior to Sony announcing their 02/20/2013 conference. MS has never had a countdown to E3 before, so let's try and use our brains here. What could that countdown be fore? Hey, you know what, maybe it could be for their new console? Who would have thought. All these signs clearly point to an E3 reveal and there has been absolutely nothing that shows to an earlier reveal date. If ANYTHING, the fact that MS is sticking to their original plan shows they are not intimidated and confident in their product. The only thing we can do is wait, well, most of us, you'll continue trolling.

OpieWinston2146d ago

Everyone knows your sold on the PS4. I see you comment on like every PS4 or 720 story.

Personally I like Xbox exclusives, and prefer to enjoy my massive amount of Steam games :D.

All these arguments about 720 and PS4. We all know Steam is the best gaming system (Yeah I know it's just a distributor.)

But I will agree Playstation has a few exclusives that are awesome...None of the Quantic Dream games come to mind...I play games when i want to play games, I watch movies when I want to watch movies.

Console wars.................

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Freedomland2147d ago

If they keep their silence, they will lose lot of consumers because Microsoft is giving them the chance to make up their mind and once it's done, it will be very difficult to change it again.
Silence is also creating lot of rumors which can have repercussions.

JeffGUNZ2146d ago

Give it a rest. You think you, some guy on knows how a business should run over one of the most successful companies in America. Do you people read your comments before you post? All armchair experts and CEO's on this site.

Freedomland2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

My friend, this is just an opinion, and about the companies, if they knew everything no company wouldn't ever be bankrupted.

JeffGUNZ2146d ago

I respect your opinion, but your statement comes across as a fact. Glad you clarified. I agree many businesses close due to lack of leadership, business moves, etc, but MS is not one of those businesses.

Magnus2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I actually like the silence about the Xbox720 its buiding hype for me. It makes me want to see what options it has to offer. What kind of ponies are under its hood and what the line up of games its going to offer. Its not like the hype of Final Fantasy VS13 with a few dabbles here a little info there and maybe a few videos, Personally I lost the hype on that game and could careless about it now. But the hype with the Xbox720 is you it will be released and you'll be able to play it and be excited about the console. Not like waiting half a console generation for Final Fantasy VS13. I just want Microsoft to test and amp up quality control on the console lord knows another RROD problem would be bad.

gamertk4212146d ago

I sense some hurt feelings regarding FFV13.

B-radical2147d ago

Well we only have speculations so far. Double precision gpu or a weak gpu. Kinnect to play or not kinnect to play. None the less the silence better pay off.

thechosenone2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

He makes an excellent point.

"For next-gen consoles, momentum appears to be suggesting that unless a more progressive platform-holder emerges after these months of silence and turmoil, they might awaken too late to find the industry changed around them. And by then it'll be too late."

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