GamesBeat: The microconsole battle royale: GameStick vs. Ouya

GB: We spent some time playing with both Android-powered microconsoles at the 2013 Game Developers Conference. Here's how they stack up.

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drsnoopyseussdog2153d ago

OOOOOOUUUUUYYYYAAAA I forgot I'm not buying one!! lol:)

konnerbllb2153d ago

Ouya has more support, a better public image, more system power and the better controller. Ouya no contest.

Snookies122153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I'm getting the Ouya. Not quite for the games it has already, but for the ones that will come. The fact that you can develop your own games for the console and put them up on the store for sale is wonderful. Anyone out there can make these games, so I'm excited to see the kind of material that might be. Also, it has emulators for NES, SNES, N64, etc. As well as having MKV video playback support, and it's very small and portable, plus to top it all off it's rather cheap too.