Why I Won't Be Playing BioShock Infinite

'Ewok' at GameGrin writes: I've lost count of the number of times people have said to me that I "must play" a particular game. BioShock Infinite is apparently the latest in this long list of games I "have" to play, a list that is getting rapidly out of control.

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DeadSpaced2145d ago

"I'm not going to play BioShock Infinite. I'm going to play some Skyrim."

Both are great games, but you can't take some time that you would spend grinding in Skyrim to play an amazing game? I don't see the logic in that.

JoGam2145d ago

He's secretly playing Bioshock. He just needed something to write about today on N4G.

joab7772145d ago

How about, I don't give a damn what u play. But the theme is strange. Dont tell me what to play but two of the biggest recommended games r skyrim and tomb raider. The title shoulda been " why I can't play every game on launch day". He will try it at some point. What a waste of my prescious time. Like most ppl who need to eat, I work too, and 45-50 hrs a week. And guess what, I take ppls recommendations to heart but ultimately play what I want to play. What a revelation this was.

Nimblest-Assassin2145d ago

Can I just ask... who the hell approves these crap articles?

omi25p2144d ago


snipes1012144d ago

These articles are things because people actually feed the trolls here. It's like we have a dinner bell that we ring every day, calling trolls in droves to feed upon the bountiful harvest that we here at N4G provide them.

I could say STOP DIRECTING MICE TOWARDS THESE ARTICLES AND COMPRESSING THE LEFT CLICK BUTTON JUST SO YOU CAN COME HATE THIS PERSON - but what good would that do? Why would we spend our energy elsewhere on more positive pursuits? It doesn't make any sense to find something to like about our hobby. It makes so much more sense to find something or someone within it that we can hate.

For these reasons, the trolls will always find a home at N4G, and the cycle will continue. I need to find another lighthouse...

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Ewok2145d ago

Thanks for commenting,

I'm sure I could take some time out to play a great game, but my point is there are so many great games that there just isn't enough time.

It's not specific to this game of course, it's just the latest in a series of "must play" games.

Admittedly it's a bit of a first world problem sort-of piece, but it grew from discussions I had with fellow gamers in similar positions who just don't have time to play everything that people push them to.

I thought it was a situation a lot of gamers might empathise with, but judging by the below comments I may have been wrong...

joab7772145d ago

That should be the title then. Why I am so picky these days. Its true..the industry is saturated. I havnt been able to play dead space, crysis and many others b/c I work a lot and I hav a huge backlog of games to finish. To me, bioshock is different. Its a game that I put everything down for. I listen to others but always play what I want. I love rpgs too and its the reason that I am buried in titles. Times hav changes for me and I am a lot pickier nowadays. But bioshock is getting played before anything...and that's my opinion. As like everything, regardless of how astonishing it is, it isn't for everyone.

DeadSpaced2145d ago

I understand the struggle, but I think the biggest issue for most readers is Bioshock Infinite is considered such a great game (and rightfully so) that they're confused why you wouldn't take a small amount of time just to see if you'll enjoy it.

Forsaking a game with such high praise for another that was released several years ago doesn't click with me.

jcnba282145d ago

I think the real reason is you weren't pulled into the series after playing a bit of the first Bioshock. I'm the same way, I only played a bit of the first and it didn't appeal to me so I stopped playing.

da_2pacalypse2145d ago

If there is so little time... why are you wasting your time writing about it? Couldn't you use this time to play?

BattleTorn2145d ago

I feel ya, I get way too many "must haves" to know what to do with. (and rarely have enough time for them all)

Worst of all, is when a new release has me dying to re-play an older game.

I started playing Far Cry 3, loved the (albiet short) crafting system -- so I went back to put another 50+hrs into Skyrim.
I started playing Bioshock Infinite, didn't like how forced all the action was (lack of stealth) -- so I'm currently replaying Dishonored now. (lovin it btw)

KwietStorm2145d ago

If it applies to any game at any time, then what was the point of the write up, for this game at this time? Certainly it has nothing to do with the overwhelming appraise of BioShock Infinite at this current time..?

adorie2145d ago

"I'm sure I could take some time out to play a great game, but my point is there are so many great games that there just isn't enough time. "

Hey. I can understand this, but still.. if you value your time and want to try a quality game that's freshly released, try out Infinite. It should or could be one of those games you bump to the front of your que.

WolfLeBlack2145d ago

No, I think it is very much something other games can empathise with. I do game reviews and struggle to keep up with the flow of awesome games as well!

I think the problem here is that it's not really a strong basis for an interesting article. It didn't have much of a point,if you see where I'm coming from. I didn't get to the end of it with a new view on the subject or anything like that, I just read somebody taking about things I know: there's loads of games, and never enough time to play 'em all.

As you say, first world problem, indeed :D

Sorry for being blunt about it, but I always reckon that's the best approach to take. I look forward to reading your next piece, though.

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dedicatedtogamers2145d ago

Different games appeal to different people. Infinite was not a very "Bioshock"-ish Bioshock title. It has the least freedom, the least exploration, the most generic enemies, the strongest focus on shooting, and the fewest compelling options in combat. I'm probably gonna replay Dishonored and tell myself that the title of the game is "Bioshock: Whale Oil".

kreate2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I... totally.... agree...

w ur bioshock analysis.

I want the little sister and the big sister back. Find adams and lay traps for the big daddy and unravel a twisted story.

I especially.. want to go under water again.

CalvinKlein2144d ago

Boo hooooo. I liked it alot, and I knew I would. SP FPS have been my favorite games for a long time. glad I dont let other people enjoying something I do ruin it for me. damn hipsters

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lizard812882145d ago

That is my Steam list. Out of like the 400+ games I own, I have only beaten 3 games (I have had my steam account for about a year and a half)

For those wondering,
Sonic CD
The Walking Dead
BioShock Infinite

Are the 3 games I have beaten.

brish2145d ago

I wasn't wondering what games you've beaten. I was wondering why bother buying so many games when you don't finish them.

vickers5002145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

The dealz!!!

Seriously though, they are tempting and addictive. I'm in a similar situation to lizard. I initially bought a bunch of games off of steam sales, thinking if I got a lot of games, I'd become more comfortable with pc gaming.

Yet the only ones I've actually finished are the first Bioshock (and that was only a few days ago), Ghostbusters (do not know why I beat that over so many other better games), Portal, and Half Life 2 and its expansions.

Though I don't have quite as many as Lizard, my library says I have 105, though about 10 or 15 of those are freeware titles (some of them that installed themselves without my knowledge) and many of them are bundles which came with games I never intended to play.

But I did realize it was getting out of control, and hard as it is to resist many of the sales, I've cut down quite a lot the amount of pc games I purchase. Though not entirely, as I just got Spec Ops The Line and The Darkness 2 bundle for 4 bucks. I still plan to get into pc gaming eventually. It will be nice to have all these games waiting for me when I do.

lizard812882145d ago

Yup, the deals. I buy games when they are on sale, because i'm cheap. I don't like to pay over $10 on PC games. Alot of the games I bought were on sale or bundled. My Steam Profile says I have 652 games


Bioshock Infinite is the 1st game I paid full price/$50 or $60 for, but that was waiting for reviews, ect, ect.

MoveTheGlow2145d ago

Sonic CD!!! I don't blame you. It's the best Sonic, the best Sega 16-bit era soundtrack, and it's an over-colorful seizure-inducing time capsule of early 90's nostalgia.

adorie2145d ago

I'm starting to hit that ceiling too. The deals are just too good to ignore sometimes. Sometimes I buy games when I don't even want to buy games.

Take yesterday for example. They have Torchlight 2 for 9 bucks! Had to get it. :)

yesmynameissumo2145d ago

I'd be more interested in an article stating why I (or anyone) should give a shit what you play and don't play.

Swiggins2145d ago

Ummm...Ok...your loss bub.

MelonSaurus2145d ago

Does this article explain why we should care?

JoGam2145d ago

Umm no but stay tuned. He needs something to write about tomorrow.

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