Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs As Competition Dwindles

Tom's Hardware Pricewatch - Blu-ray Disc players from Samsung, Sony and Sharp are now the most expensive they have been all year, presumably because HD DVD's exit from the high-def disc arena has removed some of Blu-ray's pricing pressure.

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ktchong5436d ago (Edited 5436d ago )

With prices like that, Blu-ray ain't gonna replace DVD anytime soon. (Unless the Sony Nazi somehow think they have the right to force everyone to buy a Blu-ray player/PS3 at cutthroat prices and when people don't want it.)

Sure, the player prices will ultimately go down and hit mass market level -- BUT WHEN? Three years? Five years?

Here's the problem for Blu-ray: it's in a race against time. That's because digital download will ULTIMATELY and almost ENTIRELY replace Blu-ray -- most probably in about eight years. It's not the matter of if that'll happen. It's just a matter of when that'll happen.

So, let Blu-ray hits the mass market price level (at what the DVD currently costs) in four or five years. By then, Blu-ray will have only another two or three years of life left -- because digital download will replace Blu-ray soon (if that hasn't already happened by then.) Blu-ray only has a few years of windows of opportunity here (like about eight years.) It needs to capitalize on that short windows, quickly, before digital download takes over.

sonarus5436d ago

well eventually prices will come down. I think the blu ray strategy still remains keep the ps3 ahead. So in other words you won't see 300 blu ray player till you see 300 ps3.

ktchong5436d ago (Edited 5436d ago )

There are more people who watch DVD/movies at home than there are gamers -- and PS3 gamers are only a subcategory of gamers.

Most movie buffs will not buy a game console to watch Blu-ray, and most gamers will not buy a PS3.

Breakfast5436d ago

More people watch standard dvds because there are still more people who have standard tv sets. As more people get there hd sets they will pick up there blu-ray players.

I think most consumers will buy the player no matter the cost because theyll think that its the only way to get the most out of there hd tvs.

I doubt digital downloads will be for the mass market any time soon unless it becomes vastly cheaper then getting blu-ray

ktchong5436d ago (Edited 5436d ago )

if you think price does not matter for mass consumers.

Blu-ray is a NON-ESSENTIAL item. It's a LUXURY item -- it's not oil, food or water -- which means PRICE is the NUMBER ONE factor in determining if consumers are going to buy it.

PRICE is the number one determining factor when it comes to demand of non-essential, luxury items like Blu-ray (and game consoles). That's not just basic economics (in fact, it IS in most Economics 101 textbook). In fact, that's really a common sense.

Breakfast5436d ago

i just dont see digital downloads becoming a threat any time soon... hd tvs were priced crazy high when they were first released, and now that there the standard in tvs the price has come down alot. people are going to buy blu-ray regardless of the price becasue that too will eventually drop down, just like every electronic on the market.

Companies right now are just trying to maximize there profits before prices slowly drop. You cant tell me the average consumer will know that; the price increased this past month.

My opinion differs from yours because you think digital downloads are a NEAR threat...i dont. If digital downloads do become a reality id be the first to throw my blu-ray player (ps3) in the dumpster

LastDance5436d ago

sorry round peg....and to no offence to anyone here or on the interwebs...but.....

The only people who think Digital Downloading is going to be "in" in the next 5 years are the geeks who spend loads of money on electronic set-ups who are capable of using said programs.

i mean, i still know people who dont have the internet...let alone broadban.

Go tell Joe that he will be ONLY downloading movies in 5 years. The notion is pretty damn silly man.

jaja14345436d ago

Just to be nit picky. If Joe does not have web access, chances are he wont have a HD-TV let alone the desire to buy a 400$ player. But your main point was just that DD wont take over in 5 years, which I agree with, so I'll just end my sly comment here. :)

sonarus5436d ago

no lasdance, the only people who think digital downloads will be here in the next 5 yrs are those who simply hate on sony. They screamed price was what mattered before, hd-dvd came down to 100 dollars at some point but was still outsold by 300 dollar hardware. Chances are, if you are buying a blu ray player at this point you are into tech and in that case a stand alone blu ray player may not make much difference to you than a ps3 especially when the ps3 is cheaper. Price is a factor to the most basic of consumers but we do still see people shelve out 400 bucks for an iphone when some companies will give you an phone for free. Blu ray prices will come down and even at a 400 dollar price tag, stand alone blu ray sales will far eclipse stand alone blu ray sales for last yr. But i believe the ps3 will drop in price before sony drops the price for their stand alone devices and then they will drop the price for stand alone blu ray, and then we will see other drop prices to stay competitive with sony

SL1M DADDY5435d ago

Sorry bud, but even the studios would dissagree with you about Digital DOwnloads this generation. Perhaps we will see more of it in about 10 to 15 years, but not any time soon.

wallace10005435d ago

Peg has a good point about price, it is the number one deciding factor. I however don't agree with digital downloads taking over anytime soon. With these prices it is DVD all the way for the meanwhile. I would never buy a games console to play movies so i am looking at standalones and they are way to expensive. I wouldn't get a PS3 for blu-ray for the same reason i didn't get the 360 add-on for HD DVDs. I have to agree with whoever said it above, i don't think someone looking for a movie player would get a PS3 for blu-ray. Someone who is at least partially interested in gaming (on a PS3) and wants blu-ray would go for a PS3 because that makes sense. But if you have no interest in gaming i can't see people going for the PS3. I was hoping that the price of the BD30 would be around $350 by the end of the year but i don't think that is going to happen. These guys seem to be taking a lesson from the oil companies on their pricing, so i say it is time to give them the big middle finger for the time being and keep buying DVDs until they get their act together.

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Kojima touches kids5436d ago

This is disgusting behavior.

I hope with oil now at $110 per barrel, people stop buying Blu-ray.

It just isn't worth it.

TruthBTold5435d ago

and start buying electric powered cars? I hear you bro, Im concerned about our environment too.

oohWii5435d ago

This is what happens when a company controls a format, the hardware, the software. AKA Sony! Well folks, you are getting ready to see first had what a MONOPOLY can do to the consumer. You asked for it, you got it. ENJOY!

HarryEtTubMan5436d ago

Dude like they said... Digital Downloads are coming in a realistic way for a LONG time. Where u can buying Blu Ray quality with all the extras and it be a seamless experience... that is mainstream. BLU RAY JUST ONE Round Pen the noob. The will lower prices but slowly. Blu Ray will probably be in PS4 and Xbox 2.5..... They can afford to take ther time.... sersioly u have to realize Disney, Sony, Samsung and the rest of EVERYONE knows what they are doing... Micrsoft thinks they have control of something or pretends they do... they just dont man. Blu Ray will be down to 250$ by the end of this year but everyone buying PS3 anyways. DUDE PS3 SALES ARE GOING TO BE HUGEEEEE THIS HOLIDAY. And grow and get bigger every year just like PS2.

It seriously is happening all over again.

Bladestar5436d ago

just as expected... competition is good for the consumer... now that blu-ray is alone in the market...don't expect prices to go down... as matter of fact don't expec the PS3 to drop prices since it's the cheapest blu-ray player.

Funny.... and interesting... now blu-ray manufacturers are trying to raise back to their original price that HD DVD helped drop... many of them went up by $100...

romaink5436d ago

now tell me... is this something good for consumers or is Sony and the other manufacturers finally getting what they wanted all along?
All we cared about was one ultimate format; what about competition and pricing?

killer_trap5436d ago

obviously there is still competition. but now it's between blu-ray manufacturers. i'm not going to buy a sony BR player if there'd a samusung player just as good but with a $100 less price tag. it's a different kind of competition but it's there.

TruthBTold5435d ago

will be between BD manufactures. maybe it wont be by that much but once one of them is able to make a less expensive BD player and pass the savings on to the consumer the others will start to drop some prices. I still dont see that happening for a while though until they start selling way more than they do now for it them to be able to afford dropping the price.

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