Puppeteer story trailer; watch it here before the Moon Bear King finds out

Kutaro's adventure is set to begin September 10th, 2013, but have you learned the backstory of how this amazing and fantastical tale all began? No you haven't? Watch the Puppeteer Story Trailer now before the Moon Bear King finds out!

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thechosenone2149d ago

I love the art direction in this so many games coming out this year for the PS3, it's amazing. :)

Sarobi2148d ago

This looks really fun

Knushwood Butt2148d ago

I've told myself I can only buy 12 full price games this year, but I think this is going to have to make the list.

grassyknoll2148d ago

The concept & graphics for this are beautiful. One of my most awaited games of the year.