RoboAwesome's Bit.Trip Presents...Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Wii U) Review

"At its core, Runner 2 plays just like the first Runner game. It is an auto-run platformer, which means the character’s forward movement is automatic and it is up to the player to initiate actions that will keep the character from face planting into the insane amount of obstacles between him and the finish line. While this isn’t a wholly original idea, it is one of the first games of this type that incorporated rhythm elements into its game. Once you get the hang of the beat, it’s all a matter of having fast enough reflexes to be able to predict the correct timing of your life saving button presses." -

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JeffGrubb3474d ago

Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is the best Parliament Funkadelic album.

RoboSpiff3474d ago

I wanna play it so bad.

MNGamer-N3474d ago

Just completely finished this game from start to finish, all unlocks all perfect plus from start to end and loved every minute of it. A must have game for sure. Now I can rest my eyes for a few days

darkronin2293474d ago

Hah, I had that same issue with the first one. Whenever I played too much, I'd get kind of dizzy and have to stop for awhile.

ShadowPraxis3474d ago

I played the first Bit.Trip game, but never got around to any of the others :/

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