PS3 To Run Yellow Dog Linux.

Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 confirmed for PS3, arriving mid November.

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2tired2day2hate5891d ago

i'll never understand why sony would make a console act like a computer, when they are competing with the biggest software company in the world who also monopolizes the computer industry. sony has a huge advantage in the hardware field, and ALMOST took advantage of that, but failed to optimize the hardware so it doesnt use its potential. they had a year longer to work these things out than ms did, but sony has had nothing but questionable decisions.

Marty83705891d ago

PS3 will get tons of homebrew games and utils.

shotty5891d ago

Ya, I'm sure that's exactly why they put that in and not because they know nothing about OS and decided to take the cheapest way out.

blackmagic5891d ago (Edited 5891d ago )

And homebrew hacking? One thing I really worry about for Sony is that there is a lot of really smart linux guys out there and one of the greatest features of linux is it's a free environment. Take really smart linux guys accustomed to free environments and combine them with a closed, pay-for environment and... Well, how long before they totally compromise the system?
Homebrew? Greatest thing to happen to the industry. Hacking? Worst thing to happen to the industry.

m235891d ago

what the hell is yellow dog linux? i am not a computer guy

Captain Tuttle5891d ago

I'm going to second this request...

blackmagic5891d ago (Edited 5891d ago )

linux is an operating system like windows or mac os. Yellow Dog linux is just a variant of the operating system.

icdedppl5891d ago

wow, i wonder what the size of the flash rom is in the ps3 to have a linux dist built-in. and did anyone browse the site? they say that over 1500 applications are built-in. i wonder if any will be included with the ps3 or if that's meant just for the apple version they are making. also, this would be easy for people to code for. sony said that homebrew would be "easy" and with linux being open-source, maybe this is what they meant. i guess we'll see in a month!

bilal5891d ago

who want to use it on their console..

i dont get how a major os can run while not affecting the game...

look at windows or any other os for takes so many resources that games require way more gigahertz and video memory than consoles which are especially designed for gaming..
e.g. last gen xbox & ps2 (32mb video memory)

videl5891d ago

the ps3 has two OSs, one wich is the standard and needs low resources, this runs when games run, and the other is linux, but then you will not play games when you use it, at least not the ps3 games, so there is no problem, do you understand this ?

andy capps5891d ago

You mentioned Windows in comparison to this. Windows is a memory hog and always will be. I believe that Windows is DOS based, versus Linux and Apple's OS's are Unix based (correct me if I'm wrong). Unix and Linux are known for being more secure and more stable than Windows, also requiring less system resources.

So yeah, I think that the Cell with it's 8 cores (1 PPU and 7 SPU's) will be able to run it just fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.