Resident Evil 6 PC review - MMGN

MMGN: Resident Evil 6 on PC benefits from a striking bump in visuals and atmospheric sound. However, its improvements are undone by some awkward quicktime events and terrible camera controls when using a keyboard and mouse instead of an Xbox 360 controller. It’s a wash as to which is the definitive version, reliant on personal preference. As for the game itself, Resident Evil 6 is a solid, high production value action game with enjoyable, engaging combat, great set pieces and an intricately told B-grade horror plot. However, it’s a mercilessly disjointed experience, hurt by incoherent pacing, an overbearing number of quicktime events and trivial button prompts that slow the experience considerably. The best part of this PC port is that it will inevitably end up dirt cheap on Steam; a couple of bucks well spent to see a zombie US president.

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