Sony Denies UMD Failure.

Despite numerous analysts across the globe proclaiming the format dead, Sony has claimed UMD is alive and well and the company is "pretty pleased" with its progress.

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UrbanJabroni5890d ago

How about maybe, just maybe, $25 was too much for a full-length film, without extras, that I can ONLY play on my PSP? The movies are great for when you are travelling for business and are desperate for something to watch...but honestly, who wouldn't rather watch a movie on their laptop anyway. Sorry Sony, had you charged $5-$10, the format may have worked...since you tried to be gredy and charge MORE than a DVD, it failed.

The PSP is the BEST portable, once you install all the homebrew emulators. Having on-the-go NES, SNES, Turbografix and GBA libraries of thousands of games all at full speed is incredible.

Too bad this use isn't donating a penny to Sony's bottom line.

BlackCountryBob5890d ago

The PSP is the best portable console as it allows you to play 10-15 year old games from a rival manufacturer? If that is all you want from a console why not use a GP32 as it also plays old games but is cheaper than PSP and has a much longer battery life!

UrbanJabroni5890d ago

Maybe because the system has not been, nor will it ever be, released in the U.S. I could spend a fortune importing a system with a less than optimal screen and processor or just run down to Target to get a psp.

Boink5890d ago

psp was too expensive, umd's were too.

OutLaw5890d ago

They could deny it all they want but the bottomline is, us the gamers know it's not selling. I feel if in the beginning they would have sold more PSP games and less movies people would have enjoyed the fact that once in awhile they could watch a good movie on the PSP. But instead they put tons of movies and not enough games.

Schmitty075890d ago

It was way too expensive for a movie I could only watch on my PSP

specialguest5890d ago

hahaha, im a PSP owner and i will passionately defend it, but this is too much. Lol. the UMD movie was doomed from the very beginning mainly due to it's high price.

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