Reason for Tomb Raider’s inadequate Sales Performance Revealed

GC: "Square Enix have released their financial statements and it’s somewhat baffling looking at their sales targets for certain games."

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Outside_ofthe_Box2147d ago

***"Turns out they expected the game to ship 5 to 6 million copies. Those are ludicrous sales targets for a franchise that was on a massive decline."***

Ludicrous indeed.

Smurf12147d ago

I hope it gets a sequel though! I must say I quite enjoyed the game.

Kevin ButIer2147d ago

Lol, first of all they should fire their forecasting team, as mentioned in the article, 3 games 3 strikes... they were not even close lol, someone should be able to deliver a more realistic forecast after 2 games with those gaps...

however... they should be happy of getting TR out of the graveyard and launch a sequel which I expect can deliver quite good results

AsimLeonheart2147d ago

The game was good and sold great. SE was just being stupid by expecting to ship those kind of numbers for a reboot which had yet to prove itself to the people.

black9112147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

360 exclusives DLC hurt the franchise. Tomb Raider is a PS Franchise.

Fast Forward To 0:24

Reibooi2147d ago

I think that yeah that was expecting a bit much for a franchise most had given up on and for some reason there was alot of people that didn't seem very eager to jump into the new one despite the stellar reviews.

That said it sold very well and this was the reboot. If it did this well it's very possible that a sequel might be able to hit the numbers if said sequel of is good as this one was.

I think it will get another game. Chances are SE did make a profit. It might not be the big profit they wanted but it is enough to further explore the series in hopes that a sequel has better numbers.

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StrongMan2147d ago

Wow. They thought this game would hit 6 million?

RememberThe3572147d ago

Out of the gate. They're idiots. 6 mil is not hard to imagine for the lifetime of this game especially with the great review it got and the word of mouth it's getting.

But wow this only further shows that Square has some really stupid people working for them. People on this site could have given them a better forecast for this game. What morons.

DeadlyFire2147d ago

To reboot/rebirth into a new IP what they have done so far is far better than any other reboot attempt with sales. So they are not far off their sales target if over another year or two Tomb Raider will soar and its next gen sequel will push more units.

DevilishSix2147d ago

Those numbers are so unrealistic. I mean good grief 5-6 mill is the average lifetime sales for a Gears of War or Uncharted game from their trilogies. Those games built up a fanbase and had a following. Tomb Raider was in decline and needed a reboot, it had great production value but you can't expect those types of numbers.

Since when has Hitman ever come close to those types of numbers.

Sleeping Dogs did well, Heck it was dropped by a major publisher already (Activision) than Square picks it up (for probably pennies on the dollar) then expects 2 to 2.5 mill. I mean wow!

Sounds like Wada may have wanted to retire and receive a severance package cause all these projection numbers from recent releases seem way out in left field.

Heck I can see that and I am just an informed gamer, not an insider.

Dirtnapstor2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Game was awesome! Definitely an expected sequel coming. Forget MP DLC, the game needs SP DLC! But apparently it's not going to happen. A shame.

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Grimhammer002147d ago

If I was the part of the forecasting team....I'd have said 1.5-2million units sold and 3 million units shipped.

These guys are delusional.

CommonSenseGamer2147d ago

With over 140 million consoles and goodness knows how many compatible PC's, I would have thought 5 million for a solid franchise over many platforms was still on the low side.

KyRo2147d ago

There's a lot to take into concidaration. There may be 140 million console out there but how many are replacements? How many consoles are in the same household? More consoles in one household could mean less sales of games. How many consoles were shipped to the casual Kinect and Move crowd? How many kids own consoles who can't afford games and only get COD and FIFA for Christmas every year? So on and so on...

DwightOwen2147d ago

KyRo makes a good point, but all things considered, I think we could safely assume that there at least 100 million unique gamers in the market, and for only 3-4 out every 100 gamers to buy these games is somewhat abysmal.

porkChop2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Unrealistic sales expectations coupled with too high a budget. Seems to be a common problem with Square Enix these days. Their management is terrible.

delboy2147d ago

Square Enix is the next THQ
Industry crash is inevitable/destined

Sideras2147d ago

Considering the Hitman didn't get all to good review 3.6 millions is pretty good.
Yeah pretty dumb goals they've set there.

jonboi242147d ago

Great game, stupid expectations. Hell I could maybe see the sequel sell that well but not a game thats rebooting a dwindling franchise.

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