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Lylat system is under attack again, and it’s up to the Star Fox team to end it before it can’t be contained any longer. Now you can play online with your friends and test their mettle in the Arwing as your favorite Star Fox character and see which one of you is the better pilot! There is no downloadable content, but there are leaderboards. The game is mostly in the single player missions, so try your hardest, win some medals, earn the respect of Fox McCloud. Make Corneria proud!

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krontaar2147d ago

You have terrible taste in videogames.

kirbyu2146d ago

Hear me out, I may just be an idiot, but enemies never seemed to fire at me.

Magnus2147d ago

It would be awsome if Nintendo added the old SNES version when a person bought this game.

ape0072147d ago

one of the greatest games of all time

Rask2147d ago

I almost bought this game a few weeks ago, but picked Kid Icarus Uprising instead. Did i made a good choice?

krontaar2147d ago

Yes, they're both good but kid icarus has tons more content.

kirbyu2146d ago

And it doesn't suck. Well, I don't like it, but only because it delayed SSB4.

TheDivine2146d ago

Yes you made the best choice anyone has made since Ray J decided to bring a camera. Kid Icarus Uprising is one of Nintendo's best games ever IMO. It's flying sections are just as fun plus you get a bajillion bosses and ground sections. Games is amazing and super long. Hope you enjoy it.

eferreira2147d ago

its a great game but it's definitely not a 10/10

wishingW3L2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

not even in its time. The game has way too many flaws and the first one is Slippy and then the retarded companion's AI.

The reviewer is obviously wearing some really thick nostalgia goggles.

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