Microsoft Corporation wins dispute for Xbox Gold domain name

A single-member panel with the National Arbitration Forum has ordered the domain be transferred to Microsoft. Microsoft continues to grow its portfolio of “Xbox Gold” domains, having privately acquired or registered several related names including The company recently bagged the name in mid-March, after the previous owner turned over the name before the case was even decided. It is still “officially” unknown what Microsoft will call it’s next generation console or what plans (if any) it has for Xbox Gold.

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Knight_Crawler2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

So who wants to bet that this is MS answer to PS+.

MS would be smart to copy Sony with the free games subscription - I dont see MS charging to play online next gen, not with what Sony showed at the PS4 event.

For people to keep paying $60 a month MS will need to bring something that will blow everyone away and the competitors do not offer...if they do keep charging to play online then Sony will win next gen.

I suspect MS will bring something new and different to XBox Gold.

Edit: @ Rain - I agree, nothing wrong with taken an idea from someone else and improving on it.

I love my 360 but will be the first to say that the share button on the PS4 controller sounds sweet and hope the 720 has something similar.

rainslacker2149d ago

That would be pretty cool to have a PS+ type program on Xbox. It's a shame fan boys will bicker and say Sony thought of it first. This is the kind of stuff we should celebrate, and not criticize.:)

MEGANE2149d ago

Yep... that will be good for xbox fans. And then sony will try to counter with more plus deals and the MS will offer more and viseversa. Its a win win situation for us gamers

Jek_Porkins2149d ago

They wont give up 1 billion a year in XBL Gold, they might offer some games, but no way will online be free. We don't even know what Sony will charge, if anything for the PS4 online service.

LordHiggens2149d ago

My guess is nothing...They're Sony they have NEVER charged for online...they won't now.

Morgue2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Send the disagrees my way but my gamertag is posted so I'm not trolling, just being honest when I'm saying this....

I've been on XboxLive for 7 years and honestly there is nothing on there right now for me. Maybe there is for other people and new buyers so good for them but I've found myself playing those hokey indie demos & a few arcade games and the occasional older titles I own more than anything.

I also barely even play online anymore with the exception of checking out the Gears Judgment online demo, so paying for Gold these days to access Hulu, Netflix or for that matter. THE INTERNET and various other apps or " access early demos, voice chat " It isn't worth the price or the once " exclusivity " that it once was heralded as.

Even the market updates on Tuesday suck now. Gone are the days of 2 or 3 DECENT demos, a bunch of game videos or what not. It's pretty lame. It's all ads, Kinect, Niki Minaj, Justin Beiber, Gears, Halo and whatever commercial nonsense they have on there.

What I'm saying is in the end after all the fun I had playing Halo 2 online back in 2004, the great run they had with the launch of the 360 and games that were classic and still are for me. Condemned.


After all these years of paying for Live the RROD and latley, the lack of games. MS has lost me as a consumer. LIVE ain't worth it no matter what they do or offer because there always some hook, scam or hoop you gotta jump through to go along with it. Plain and simple and with all the talk of " always online " if true. It will be the nail in the coffin.

LordHiggens2149d ago

Come to the Sony side of the fence...the grass is greener over here...and there's a smell of a cottage near by...baking blueberry muffins on a cool October Day...

Morgue2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )


I've been gaming on PlayStations since 95 but I'm also 43 and just like too play games. But with MS it's came to the point where as a consumer, not a gamer. I feel like I'm being double charged and taken advantage of.

I can't say one bad thing about SONY.