Microsoft's First Xbox Console Left On The Scrapheap.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has claimed that the release of the Xbox 360 has caused sales of the original Xbox to plummet to new lows.

Describing the 360's debut as "better than we expected", Pachter states in Wedbush Morgan's latest report that consumers were so eager to adopt Microsoft's new hardware that the Xbox died an early death.

shortyNZ6256d ago

i would still buy the occasional XBOX game to play on 360, but the oes i would get still dont have patches out! like conker and a few others, i sold my old XBOX befor the 360 came out, most people who get a next gen console stop buying stuff for the old one tho thats just he way it is, ps2 and XBOX1 will probably make good cheap presents for the kiddies this xmas tho!

2tired2day2hate6256d ago

this is one thing i disagree with ms about. they did basically turn their back on the original xbox. but at the same time alot of people wouldnt give it a chance.

TheXgamerLive6256d ago

ps3 fan is such a little girl, he even post childish articles to hate and try to poo on something that's revolutionary and successful. I'll lose another bubble formthis but I really don't care b/c he act's like a little bit*h boy, in fact is picture, if you click on it looks like he's wearing make up. Like I said a BIT*H BOY. your a pathetic loser ps3 fan. I'm turning my back on this site for letting people like you spread false news around and it's ok with the site to just display it, well it's not ok, and I mean whether against any console, when it's just a story like DJ always puts on here and it's just becaused he's pissed that he post an anti XBOX 360 story and it's allowed, well F/U!

Marty83706256d ago

Microsoft has turned it's back on the Xbox,just like all the other developer's.That's one thing that Sony never does.XGamer truth hurts don't it.Face it Xbox is dead and burried,X360 will have the same fate.

TheXgamerLive6256d ago (Edited 6256d ago )

No Matter what you say, your still a little b*tch boy.

Sorry bout your lil asian penis n all making you hate the Xbox 360. What a f'in p*ssy you are.

Yeah yeah yeah, away with the bubbles, atleast I said your a loser and everyone knows it.

Boink6256d ago

you just about had a sensible intelligent comment till you added the bit about the 360...so close, yet so far.

MS did turn their back on the xbox too quickly, there is no denying it. They also weren't making money on, so I can kind of see their reasoning behind it. Sony was actually making money on the ps2, so that's why they kept at it(since they definitely won't be making any with the ps3 anytime soon).

But after playing good games on my 360, I will not go back, even halo2 is done for me now(too many modders to make it worthwhile).

zypher6256d ago

i guess thats one of the deciding differences between most Playstation fans and most XBox fans. i'm an admitted PS2 (soon to be PS3) fan true enough; however, except for the few times my system froze while playing Fable, i have never regretted purchasing my 360. i think it's a great system: not the best, but great nevertheless. and despite the hordes of hours i put into multi-playing in GRAW with my girlfriend, i still go back and play a couple of ours of Halo, Splinter Cell (until the newer one comes out in a couple of days) and Fable. so, i guess i can kinda see both sides of the argument. as a PS fan, i would say that Wedbush is decidedly 360-fanatical, for saying that the original XBox is failing because people were so eager to buy a 360 (when in fact, i'd argue that the original XBox is failing because Microsoft refuses to support it any longer). but as a 360 owner, i can say a) the original XBox costed Microsoft more money than it made them, and b) old is old, new is new; old is out, new is in.

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