The Wonderful World of Smash Bros Clones

Nintendo's Super Smash Bros has become of one of the gaming community's most popular titles. With success comes some copy cats. We go over all of the best, worst and strangest Smash Bros knock-offs.

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1upgamer992145d ago

If its not The real "Brand Name" its Generic.

lilbroRx2145d ago

There certainly have beena lot of clones. I'm sure there will be a many people who try to dissuade the label by using "genre" comparisons but there is a difference between a game being in a certain genre and a game mimicking anothers design.

A competitive, multi-player fighting game with character derived from multiple other games on a 2D plane with a focus on building up damage then defeating your opponent with a powerful super attack is what defines Smash Brothers. Those are not genre specific attributes, they are Smash Brothers specific.

There is to much copying in the industry. Whatever happened to originality? Thank goodness for indies.

Minato-Namikaze2145d ago

Outfoxies anyone? Nintendo didnt invent the genre like some people claim. Nintendo copied then innovated just like other good companies do.

TongkatAli2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Nintendo steals ideas. Ask that Sony engineer who came up with the 3D for the 3DS and then Nintendo tried to swindle him out of his royalties.

He won the case in court to prove it and made a ton of money for every 3DS sold and every 3DS that's going to sold.

DragonKnight2145d ago

Didn't you know that Nintendo invented everything? Every single aspect of gaming today was stolen from Nintendo's ideas. No one but Nintendo has any originality.

Samus HD2145d ago

Who did than?!..

gamer422145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

@TongkatAli I was under the assumption nintendo outsourced the 3D screen development to another company, but anyways it was a former sony employee and nintendo needs to pay him 30.2 million nothing more, thats about a dollar for each 3DS out now, they don't need to give him a cent of future revenue of the 3DS.

Tales RPG addict2145d ago

Thank you. I've been trying to get the message across to Smash Bros. Loyalists but they never have the urge to Listen to me one bit.

I love Smash Bros. But credit should be given where it is due.

Same with the fact that Nihon Falcom made "Dragon Slayer" an Action-RPG that came out Before the "Legend of Zelda".

I love Nintendo but they aren't the only company that supposedly Innovates.

songoku2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

@ minato, you are right. @ nintendo fanboys. nintendo lol wow here comes the nintendo fantodlers coming out of their strollers. smash bros is not the first one, there was DBZ legends before smash bros was even thought of so suck on your baby bottle pops and learn more about gaming history before you start asuming. omg sony copied 2 times wow what a big deal and whatever sony copied from nintendo they did it better, example is the MOVE. It is way more accurate then feels more real than the wiimote, psallstars is not like smash bros if you know about it and the only reason you guys say its a rip off is cuz when your playing it you are expecting it to be like smash bros but your wrong. PSAllstars is its own thing but is a brawler like MVC and DBZ legends without the DBZ powers but you get what im trying to say if your old enough to understand.

jcnba282145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

You're right Nintendo are really good at taking something that already exists and make it really successful.

- Analogue stick
- rumble pack
- d-pad
- 3d tech
- motion controls
- Touch screens

Minato-Namikaze2145d ago

i wasnt saying ninty was a bad company (for anyone that disagreed with me) i'm just saying ninty isnt some magical company that can put out new ideas at the drop of a hat. They create their fair share of new products but they also take already existing ideas and refine them and make them better.

i just dont like it when people act like nintendo thought up every single gaming idea ever and everybody else copies them.

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Tales RPG addict2145d ago

Outfoxies released 1994
Super Smash Bros. released 1999.

OUTFOXIES came out First.

maniacmayhem2145d ago

The Outfoxies is a great game but the only similarity would probably be the 4 player vs. and even then it wasn't heavy melee action it was more shooting and changing the environment around you.

Not to mention Outfoxies had an original cast. None were taken from different games under the same umbrella and made to fight each other.

I personally think Outfoxies is an unfair comparison to Smash Bros.

rainslacker2144d ago

My question is who cares? When the Micheal commercials came out a lot of people were saying how it would be cool to have all those characters in a game similar to SSB. Sony took up the task and created a game that people thought would be cool. Many people liked the game, and many people hated on it because they felt it was a copy of SSB. Never mind the fact that the two games can coexist quite happily on the market, as they serve a different fan base.

Nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find any AAA game that isn't derivative or a complete rip off of another game that has been done to death.

dafegamer2145d ago

what about the outfoxies?

Tales RPG addict2145d ago

OUTFoxies came out in 1994.
Super Smash Bros. came out in 1999.

Who's the originator NOW. NOT Nintendo.

jcnba282145d ago

It's not about who did it first, it's about who made it successful. Outfoxies wasn't successful, Smash Bros was and still is today.

lilbroRx2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

That is not the same type of game at all. The only similarity is that it has people battling in a 2D plane, nothing else.

This is not simply an issue of things "being like another". It is an issue of being a clone. That is "directly" mimicking another games specific attributes.

This is also not an issue of whether or not Nintendo "did it first" which everyone spun it into.

Its a specific issue of people copying a specific game archetype for its success. As I said, its defined by the games mechanics. All attributes.

1. 4 players on a 2D plain
2. Characters are derived from multiple different popular unrelated series.
3. The focus is building up damage and finishing your opponent with a super powerful attack
4. Using items or attributes that are trademarks of the various different series as aids in combat

It is the same with Mario and Zelda. Mario does not define platformers and it wasn't the first. Zelda does not define action-adventure rpgs and it was not the first. They both have unique, recognizable aspects that define them, however.

EXAMPLE: Simply being a 2D platformer in no way means they are copying Mario. A 2D platform that uses random objects to alter your power, brick breaking, going to through warps into secret areas, collecting gold tokens for extra live and killing enemies by jumping on top of them and "crushing" them would be questionable.

MultiConsoleGamer2145d ago

What no powestone?

My personal favorites are Dream Mix, Powerstone and Jump Superstars.

lilbroRx2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Power Stone is in the same genre as Smash Brothers but it is in no way a "CLONE".

Simply being in the same genre or being the same type of game doesn't make it a clone.

There are many types of brawlers just as there are many FPS and many vs fighters.

Guilty gear and King of Fighters are vs. fighters. They are not clones of Street Fighter, however Art of Fighting "is" a clone of Street Fighter.

Dead of Alive and Tekken are 3D vs fighters. They are based on Virtua Fighter by the creators own admission or as they stated(they're bosses wanted them to make a game that just like Virtua Fither). Tekken became its own original style of game. DOA just copied Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter and still uses its core control scheme.

songoku2145d ago

wow you must not be good at doa cuz its way different than VF, as a former EVO champ i know what is the difference between DOA and other 3D fighting games, they all have their own style of gameplay and DOA is more freely and fast paste fighting with alot of different counters as well as fighting moves. tekken has a slower style than DOA but the gameplay is different and VF is the slowest but more realistic than the other 2 plus the way to do moves are different as well. none of them have same gameplay besides its a 3D fighter.

rainslacker2144d ago

All games within a certain genre have similarities, but that in no way makes them the same game. Your comparison of 3D fighters is grasping at straws as none of those games you mentioned really plays like the other on a core principle level(which songoku detailed above).

It's unreasonable to expect that within a certain genre a company has to completely reinvent the wheel every time. Usually the product that becomes the most successful, becomes that because it did something right. It's only natural for others to take that formula and either rip it off, or try to improve on it in some way. Nintendo did this with the platformer, they did it with the action-RPG genre, they did it with the RPG genre, they did it with the racing genre, etc. Others have gone on to build on the success of those same games to further improve on them, or to make a quick cash in(usually with sub-par results in that case).

In one broad stroke your trying to both separate and combine the difference between genre and clones(more so in previous comments than this one). It's not working, because while all these games have similarities, they are not the same game, either on a fundamental level, or on an implementation/presentation level.

zeal0us2145d ago

Both Powerstone and SSB came out the same year its no telling when development started for both of them.

Powerstone characters didn't come from any particular franchise like SSB. Not only that but the stage environment compared to SSB was different. You wasn't limited to moving side to side,stage-wise. Each character in Powerstone had a special move. The SSB series didn't add something like this until Brawl.

Jetstreame2145d ago

Although Powerstone is a multiplayer brawler, it had too many differences in the gameplay for me to include it. I certainly considered it though.

supersonicjerry2145d ago

viewtiful joe red hot rumble was one of my favs and power stone 2

Jetstreame2145d ago

That was one title that I completely forgot to include for the sake of this article. Nice catch.

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