2013 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to March 23rd

Worldwide Hardware YTD:

1: 3DS - 2,235,283
2: PS3 - 1,924,986
3: X360 - 1,289,922
4: PSV - 553,532
5: WiiU - 542,631
6: Wii - 476,727
7: PSP - 375,569
8: DS - 324,995

Worldwide Software YTD:

1: PS3 - 22,376,196
2: X360 - 19,734,043
3: 3DS - 8,796,510
4: Wii - 8,178,244
5: PC - 6,262,758
6: DS - 4,550,194
7: PSP - 2,288,521
8: PSV - 2,062,626
9: WiiU - 1,463,942

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Skips2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

PSVita outselling the Wii U??? damn! We just need that price drop WORLD WIDE!!!!

DatNJDom812078d ago

Damn seeing Sony dominating like this is kind of weird. Why? Because according to all the xbox fanatics on this site, PS3 wasnt going to outsell the 360. Weird. I must have stepped through some portal to another dimension without knowing.

Skips2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

True, considering how VGChartz ALWAYS under track (Especially PS3 sales).

Wouldn't be surprised if some of the numbers were actually higher. lol

YoloSwag2077d ago

You do realize that the Wii U hasn't been out for a full year yet...

first1NFANTRY2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Great numbers for both Nint and Sony hardware with the exception of the Wii U. To think the ps3 is selling this well and still yet to hit that magic $199-$150 price point.

Good times ahead for Japanese hardware.

Never blow your horn too early.

Bathyj2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Wow, could PS3 actually catch 3DS?
That would be mind blowing.
When Last of Us comes out, who knows.

Its kind of amazing but, how much hardware 3DS sells, but how little software. Why are people buying it if not to play games?

GuyManDude2078d ago

Keep in mind that the install base of the 3DS is still pretty small (about 30 million sold) while the PS3 is at around 75 million. With that in mind, 2013 3DS software sales are almost identical to the PS3: about one game sold for every three systems on the market.

8.765 million games : 30 million units = 1:2.92
22.376 million games : 75 million units = 1:2.983

So they're about even given their install bases.

Bathyj2078d ago

Yeah, I guess I hadnt really thought about that, I was just reacting to the hardware:software ratio for the year, but what you said is true.

I also like how you didnt just call me a dumba$$, even though I was in fact, being a dumba$$.

GuyManDude2078d ago

Haha, no worries. There's enough of that on this site already. People forget things. It happens.

RIP_Weazel2078d ago

Loving the analytical ratio work and respectful opinion going on! Almost forgot I was on N4G for a moment!
Good numbers all round really! Nice.

BrunoM2078d ago

I must agree don't really post must but got more time on these site than most but will break my no posting rule to say bubble up just for the normal real gaming talk and no name calling good job guys !!!

The one thing now about the Full numbers I don't get tho every one has the ps3 at about 1.5M from the 360 and its been like that for 6 months even tho just on the first 3 months of 2013 the ps3 has outsold the 360 by these number almost 800k

Wonder what the real number are humm

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GuyManDude2078d ago

Half a million in the first quarter for the Wii U and Vita shows how badly these systems need a global price drop. If Sony can somehow get the Vita to $169 when the PS4 comes out that could help a ton (due to the PS4 -> Vita remote play integration). And the Wii U needs games and a price drop in a big way.

Looks like the PS3 will break 10 million again this year, so that's nice to see. That would put it at about 83 million sold and within 20 million of the Wii. Didn't think I'd be saying that four years ago.


Bathyj2078d ago

I did.

Except for 2006 when it was only out for less that 2 months, and 2007, when it wasnt out in Europe till March, PS3 has always sold over 10M a year. I've always believed it would sell 100M eventually.

just-joe2078d ago

So we're taking VGchartz as fact now everyone?

juandren2078d ago

No, just an estimate. How inaccurate do you think it can be? There's still some substance behind how they get the numbers. It's not like they're making wild guesses

Qrphe2078d ago

It's not like Vgchartz is completely wrong; they may not be exact numbers but they're and have always been general indications of what sells are like.

insomnium22078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Well to say SOMETHING good about VGC the BS numbers they spew are not as bad now as they were when the install base was a lot smaller. A million in a pool of 70 million is a LOT more insignificant than a million in a pool of 10 million. That's why the uproar was as big as it was especially with PS3 being undertracked to hell.

These numbers are still BS but the TREND of sales might be visible even with VGC. PS3 has been and will be selling like hot cakes for years.

@Bathyj above

PS3 will hit 120-130 million easily. Hitting a 100 mil is a walk in the park. Give it 2 more years (end of 2015) and it'll achieve that. It will keep on selling for years after that with declining sales as PS4 picks up. Even 130 mil might be too little. That's it. My official prediction for PS3's lifetime sales is now up to 130-150 mil. There! Now it's official. Now give me money!

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