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Dead or Alive 5 was released back in September for both of the big box consoles and Team Ninja has just released their ported PS Vita version with a few new bells and whistles. Was it a successful port, or should it have been left in dry dock? Let’s find out.

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TerminalGamer2149d ago

DLC gives this game a lot of eye candy. Touch screen fighting might make you feel like a perv though. LOL

dbjj120882149d ago

This N4G submission made me feel like a perv.

ftwrthtx2149d ago

Ummm.... those of us that know you....know you ARE a perv. :-)

Parapraxis2149d ago

The fact that i was dissapointed by the blurry article image....

Gaming_Point2149d ago

LOL too bad the old DOA characters are hotter