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VGR: Online play is tarnished by a lack of matchable games. The system will search for other players when a new or saved game is started, but this will often result in the error message “No games found.” And due to a lack of an in-game option of joining or searching for ongoing games, you cannot drop into a friend’s game. Your only choice is to save, quit, then restart. This leaves the local and party modes as the best options for multi-player.

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Snookies122148d ago

Yeah you can drop into a friend's game... All they have to do is invite you... The review shouldn't be what "should" have been in the game, but rather based on what IS in the game. :\

Snookies122148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Well then I'm confused as to what the review is getting at in that case... You can join at any point in time with your friend, and disconnect without them having to quit. What do you mean by dropping in, if not that?

EDIT: @dedicatedtogamers - Ah okay, so he means just having random people come into your game? That would be awful in Terraria. Griefers would steal all your treasure and leave...

dedicatedtogamers2148d ago

In a game like Terraria, it is better to invite people instead of letting them drop in, in order to cut down on griefers. Why would I want someone to drop into my game just so they can blow up my house and steal my items? I'm not saying all people would do that, but it's better to invite people if they're your friends, or otherwise just join new games (so you can't mess up someone's progress.)