Top 5 Series' from this Generation

"Every generation introduces gamers to a new franchise developed by either an upstart studio or an established developer. These creative geniuses develop worlds that we would have never even imagined. They push the boundaries of imagination and interactive media while allowing us to go on adventures we never thought possible." -- Stealthy Box

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Brian1rr2149d ago

I think god of war and assassins creed should be there instead of borderlands

jon12342149d ago

assassins creed???? .......

RioKing2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Yes Jon, Assassins Creed. Lets not forget how loved that franchise was up until AC3 released and left people feeling underwhelmed. That and the crazy early announcement of Black Flags...and the recent news that it will now be an annual release franchise, until gamers "say stop".

Yepp, until all that happened....Assassins Creed was insanely popular and well-received by reviewers & gamers alike :)

Siren302149d ago

God of war came out last generation and I would take borderlands over assassin's creed anyday

-GametimeUK-2149d ago

Uncharted and the Souls series. Dark Souls isn't technically part of the same series as Demons Souls, but I count it anyway.

MysticStrummer2149d ago

Uncharted, Souls, Dead Space, Borderlands

YodaCracker2149d ago

Glad to see Gears of War in the list. Definitely one of the defining franchises of this generation.

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