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New Gamer Nation - The time has come for another entry in the usually excellent MLB 13: The Show to hit the shelves. After an extensive cover search, the game is out and we are well on our way to enjoying another round of baseball. This years edition includes over 50 enhancements over last years model and though it doesn’t change the model all that much, it still manages to be one of the best sports simulation games on the market. The game manages to improve the user experience instead of adding superfluous visual or gameplay elements that take away from what you bought the game for; a great game of baseball.

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clintagious6502150d ago

Best baseball game franchise. Lets go giants, lets win it again.

lovegames7182150d ago

Game is just so well done and addictive!!!! On road to the show yesterday I was 5 for 5 with four homers Lol I was in a zone!!!!