What Happened to the Sam Fisher I Knew and Loved?

Planet Ivy: With the newest Splinter Cell game coming out later this year it’s interesting to see how the game play has changed since its beginnings, over ten years ago. For anyone unaware of the series, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell follows the activity of Sam Fisher, top NSA operative. So far the story has spanned seven games including the newest offering, Blacklist, which will be on sale in August this year.

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thegymboy2024d ago

One of the best game franchises ever, never got old for me

gorillabiscuits2024d ago

I don't know, I actually thought the games got weaker and they ran out of fresh ideas and the franchise is dragging now a bit..

moviewatcher2024d ago

Rubbish- I think it's one of the few series of games which has retained a level of quality even to this day

DatNJDom812024d ago

"What Happened to the Sam Fisher I Knew and Loved?"

xbox happened.......

Campy da Camper2024d ago

@movie watcher...I respectfully disagree. Chaos Theory was head and shoulders above the last installment. Even tops double agent. Some of the best mp I have ever played was spies vs merc.

moviewatcher2024d ago

Yes! I love each instalment. I still love Sam Fisher, the brute

gorillabiscuits2024d ago

ha. Is looking very tired these days..

LackTrue4K2024d ago

Regardless, Tom Clancy has maintained this game series better then it has with Ghost recon!! I just hope they too don't end the same.

pete0072024d ago

100% with you gymboy with a broken tooth!! to those who´re not pleased with yhe console version, try a hi end PC and you´ll see a complete different experience. if you cant afford one, i m selling my config. it runs everything fullhd, max settings 60 fps.

RioKing2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

"If you can't afford one, I'm selling mine."


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NastyLeftHook02024d ago

the hd collection is all that was good, the rest not so much.

gorillabiscuits2024d ago

I like the ideas, but generally they haven't been executed all that well

moviewatcher2024d ago

Yeah, a lot of the best of SC. I have spent too many hours on this game...

appleandroid2024d ago

@tentonsoftube- You're right, it sucked, haha. Still a great game though

e-p-ayeaH2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Looking forward fro SC: Blacklist the gameplay videos show promise.

StrongMan2024d ago

Double Agent and Conviction sucked.

coolbeans2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Enjoyment of Double Agent varied to me because of the difference between last-gen/this-gen versions. I like sleuthing around JBA HQ in plain clothes (360's version), but it's a shame that story-based co-op wasn't on all versions.

For Conviction: That felt like a great shot in the arm for the series (conceptually)...just executed too heavily on action imo.

Campy da Camper2024d ago

Bingo. I liked the sneaking around in double agent, too. The last one was OK but that auto take down stuff has got to go.

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The story is too old to be commented.