You can now Possess Doors in ‘Dishonored’

Interesting, right? We must confess, we’ve played quite a few door simulators in the past, but nothing manages to give us that feel of a fresh new opening quite like ‘Dishonored’.

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jakmckratos2147d ago

The question is why would ANYONE be playing DIshonored when Bioshock infinite is out?

TopDudeMan2147d ago

Well, because maybe they missed it and it's an awesome game.

dedicatedtogamers2147d ago

Because Dishonored actually lets you explore levels, experiment with your powers, and make choices?

TedCruzsTaint2147d ago

Because both games are awesome and both deserve to be played.
Doesn't matter the time of release of either or which one you actually prefer.

Audiggity2147d ago

Nope, this is serious...

Plants grow in real time and the characters, which are all online, real-time humans, actually age.

Black-Rock-Shooter2147d ago

0:19 I found this funny as its really used in a game (MGS3 for The End boss).

imtheman20132147d ago

This was a very funny and witty video! Love that these guys put this together; hilarious!

Somewhat related: Can't wait for the Knife of Dunwall DLC! Should be interesting to play as Daud.

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