GDC 2013: Hawken “destruction demo level” brings down the house

GDC may be over, but there’s still the clean up operation to be performed. Discarded bits of news lay strewn across the show’s floor, waiting for us to scoop them up and put them on their digital shelf. What’s that in the corner? A burnt-out mechanical husk – misshapen and trampled by excited IGF nominees – informing us that Nvidia’s APEX demo featured a Hawken map that utilised the destruction tech in multiplayer. Let’s scan it’s sparking memory banks to see if… yes! A video! [Phil savage]

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ATi_Elite2148d ago

This is really gonna put Hawken way over the top.

Already a fun game but with the added Destruction Hawken is now gonna be amazing.

The destruction brings a whole new feel and gameplay to the table to really immerse a gamer in battle. Can't wait until this is implemented into the game full time.