Kojima: "Creation Is In Some Sense, Telling A Lie Which Makes You Feel Good"

Hideo Kojima doesn't plan on making an impact this April Fool's Day but might be planning something soon.

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Donnieboi3826d ago

Whatever man. When we getting MGO back?

THamm3826d ago

This is what i was saying when i said David Hayter is a joke


Hideo Kojima teases Death Stranding 2 will change the meaning of "strand"

The COVID-19 pandemic caused Kojima to rethink the meaning of "strand".

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ClayRules201249d ago

I’m excited for this intriguing sequel, which I have no doubt will tick me off just like the original game (my fault for a lack of patience for hours) but once I started to stop, think, rethink my options and stop playing this game like any other game, things when much smoother. So, hopefully I remember that lesson learned when I boot up this sequel…hopefully haha.

Armyofdarkness49d ago

Hey, whatever. I’m in!! Loved Death Stranding!

Aloymetal49d ago

Can't wait for this sequel. Decima engine is awesome.

Kurt Russell49d ago

I suprised myself with just how much I enjoyed the original (didn't play until recently). Looking forward to this.

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Please, nobody let Hideo Kojima go to space

GR: “Hideo Kojima says he wants to go to space, and I'm here to say that no-one should allow that to happen.”

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Magog94d ago

If Tom Cruise gets to go why not Kojima? At least he has talent.

H994d ago

Man I really don't like articles where the author tries to dance around their opinion and be smart about it, you want it so you get a crazy kojima game, we all do just say it


Death Stranding 2: Can Hideo Kojima's Sequel Surpass the Original?

Given players’ frustrations with the first game, could Death Stranding 2 deliver on fans’ requests and expectations?

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