Modern games re-imagined as Atari 2600 cartridges (gallery)

VB - In a freaky alternative dimension, Atari not only won the first console war with the Colecovision and the Intellivision, it also managed to keep up market dominance for over 30 years. Alright, that might be a little too BioShock Infinite-ish, but we can imagine divergent history with the help of these beautiful images of modern games imagined as Atari 2600 cartridges.

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adarker2152d ago

Man, I LOVE stuff like this!

Hazmat132151d ago

thats badass. lol love the Fallout 3, atomic age ftw!

2151d ago
whamlollypop72151d ago

Really good art work. This stuff deserves a look see.

maniacmayhem2151d ago


Loved Fallout 3 and the Metal Gear Solid art. All of them deserves a standing ovation.

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