Sony creates Sony Computer Entertainment Japan/Asia

"This is totally not an April Fools joke guys, as Sony has confirmed that it is going to abolish Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and create a new organisation called Sony Computer Entertainment Japan/Asia."

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Karooo2149d ago

Heads up: This is not fake, it's Sony's new fiscal year.

NewMonday2149d ago

were going to need these disclaimers all day ;p

zeee2149d ago

This is a good move. Consolidating your resources and sharing a pool of talent instead of everyone being a completely different entity while working under the same umbrella is a better option. Sadly, this means a some people will probably end up losing their jobs but small measures like these do help companies get back in the black and secure jobs of a lot more people and help stabilize economy.

sinncross2149d ago

Hopefully the restructuring is for the best.
SCEJ makes some great games, but they need a larger volume of work I believe.

Good_Guy_Jamal2149d ago

They make great games, they just like taking forever at it. Last Guardian and GT5 spring to mind

Thirty3Three2149d ago

Doesn't that already exist...?

gameseveryday2149d ago

It's basically restructuring. SCEJ has been renamed to SCEJ/Asia. Hope they have more Asian focus though. Sony can make a lot of money in that continent if they get their marketing strategy right.

NewMonday2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Asia wide release, hopefully with English support mandatory. then we can just download games from PSN day1 instead of waiting 2 years(if ever) for a western version.

bunfighterii2149d ago

SCEJA rolls off the tongue better than with the / in it

r212149d ago

Does this mean Asian stores like Singapore will get content just as good as the US store or will nothing change. I really hope it changes, our store sucks.

wenaldy2149d ago

PS+ in Singapore (Asia) store sucks, man i'm jealous about what gamers get in PS store US or Europe..

r212149d ago

Exactly. Content wise, our store is one of the worst.

SAE2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Again. I live in middle east, Bahrain. My country doesn't have a store And i have ps+ in usa and europe. I just buy psn cards from stores or from these two websites :

Hope it help. Why people don't know this ?. It amaze me . You don't need to wait for a better store. Just go and buy usa or europe cards and create accounts for them and you will get anything from the psn stores..

abzdine2149d ago

fusion of talent is always something good. let's see if this is true

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The story is too old to be commented.