Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box is Not an April Fools' Joke

2P writes: ArenaNet today released the Super Adventure Box for Guild Wars 2. The Super Adventure Box make GW2's traditional fantasy universe shift to a retro-themed, blocky virtual world. At first glance of the screenshots, I thought "no way, this must be an April Fool's joke". But to my surprise, Super Adventure Box is true. This is a big gift for those Zelda, Minecraft, and Pitfall fans.

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r212147d ago

So this joke...its real? Most confusing April Fools day ever.

Ser2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

It's a joke as in, "wow, they totally created a game within a game and it's got a retro vibe".

It lasts throughout April, so it's like a really long joke that gives you cool weapon skins for participating. :P

Pyrrhus2147d ago

I re-installed my game to try out this event and I was pleasantly surprised. Its a great update.

potatowarrior2147d ago

i was very confused playing it had no idea what was going on at all lol