Are PlayStation Users the Most Dedicated Gamers?

On PlayStation, 85% of those who played Retro City Rampage got 500,000 or more points, “meaning they played through a significant chunk of the game,” Provinciano noted. It’s a point total much, much higher than that earned on PC.

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boybato2147d ago

kewl. considering that probably most PS owners got the game for "free" from PS+ they've sure invested a lot of time to it.

NeverEnding19892147d ago ShowReplies(11)
RyuCloudStrife2147d ago

PS gamers are the best and the most hardcore.

Long Live Play

3-4-52146d ago

So hardcore they won't play a game unless it has good graphics...

lol jk...

Because of PS fans...we get more RPG's so always have to be thankful of that.

Tito082146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

@ 3-4-5 Nah give that to the "Anti-aliasing, textures, more pronounced shadows, more colors, more grass, shiny water" Xbox players, next is Nintenduh with Wii U, but not for too long because PS4 and new Xbox are on the way, lol just joking.

dark-hollow2147d ago ShowReplies(4)
Godchild10202147d ago

That can be a reason, but it could also be that people bought and played the game on PSN, due to cross buy.

Tito082146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

@ NeverEnding1989- Dude, if it wasn't for the critical praise & success that became Demon's Souls for being a very hard game, Dark Souls wouldn't have existed on your Xbox, Leprechaun Fanboy!

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Snookies122147d ago

Off topic: Your Tobi avatar is freaking awesome...

On topic: Yes, PS+ is wonderful.

unworthyBOZO2147d ago

lol thanks :)

With PS Plus I find myself playing more games than i normally would have not even tried and that's great because some of my favorites are games that i never even thought of buying but know I have played and completed them, thanks to PS+, such an awesome service.

Snookies122147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

@MakiSaad2 - Yes, I do read the manga, but don't post spoilers for people who don't know this.

Ezz20132147d ago

i will only speak for my self
i'm very Dedicated gamer to what sony offer
i just love what they are doing since ps1 to ps4

Dedicated_Gamer2147d ago

Lol Ezz2013 the dedicated ps3 gamer that has 9 games on his trophy list, if all ps3 owners are as dedicated as he is, Sony will be bankrupt

Ezz20132147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

for the love of god
@lessthan2flops, stop making alt accounts
how many times i need to tell you
i have played over 70 games so far
instead of making alt accounts tell your dady to buy you ps3
so you won't be bitter like this
oh well, time to report you again

MysticStrummer2147d ago

You're stalking his trophy list? lol That's pathetic!

wenaldy2147d ago

Effin creepy guy, GTFO..

kenshiro1002147d ago

Dude...that's just low and childish. Get a new hobby. Seriously.

Nicaragua2147d ago

Well you have been online since DMC came out because trophies for that game are included, in which case all the other games should have synced too.

WeAreLegion2147d ago

Nicaraqua actually has a point. Have you not played many games?

WeAreLegion2147d ago

Hey! Ezz2013 messaged me, explaining the whole thing, since he was out of bubbles.

He uses two different PS3's. One of them he doesn't have a PSN account for. I hope that clears some things up, guys. ^_^

2147d ago
insomnium22146d ago

Why did Ezz2013 make a new account with his new slim?
Does this mean you are not a PS+member too Ezz2013?

I've seen your comments and I pretty much always agree but something seems fishy with this. My PS+ autosincs every time I've earned something.

Here's mine

I just yesterday tested out 2 resident evil games (they were sh*t btw) and it has autosynched during the night.

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InfiniteBullets2147d ago

I to only speak for myself ...HELL YESSS !!!!

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