BioShock Infinite post-review: Answers to frequently asked questions

There are many other questions other than ones about the epic ending of BioShock Infinite. Games Per Second has written a "post-review Q&A" which addresses a lot of things from gameplay options, 1999 mode, choices and decisions and location settings in the game.

Warning: Story spoilers are present in this article.

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theDECAY2028d ago

Pretty good summary I would say. I'll definitely say that the game needs another play though.

Sideras2028d ago

Another playthrough is a must imho. Feels sort of like those revealing moments in some films when you get smacked with a twist and it all comes back to the main character.

TekoIie2028d ago

Fortunately its a good twist :)

TheOneEyedHound2028d ago


I understood everything but one thing, how did booker even know about Columbia without the twins.

The only reason he knew about all this was because the twins, but booker had already been to Columbia over 100 times in other tears

DigitalRaptor2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I'd normally say don't post spoilers, but people coming into here should know better.

2028d ago