Bioshock: Infinite - Defining A Generation?

Faulty Pixel reviews Bioshock: Infinite and discusses its potential to leave a similar legacy to Half-Life 2.

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coffinxnails2151d ago

Haven't you read MR? Bioshock infinite is not worth this title because it does not have multiplayer

FaultyPixel2151d ago

Sigh yes. And that depressed me

MysticStrummer2151d ago

No one I know who's actually playing this game thinks it's quite as amazing as critics claim. I'm sure it's still quite good, but "defining a generation"? The Souls series did that for me.

FaultyPixel2151d ago

Well I've played it and I wrote it so.... guess I have a different opinion to everyone you know ;)

DigitalRaptor2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

May i ask what reasons they give for it not being as amazing as the critics say.

I ask this because the critics give strong well thought out and highly literate reasons why its such a fine piece of entertainment, yet the ones on here saying "it's not that great" don't back up the claim.

Is it that they don't understand the story? They don't appreciate the detail? They don't like Elizabeth? or what?

kneon2151d ago

It was a very good game but it's far from defining a generation.


For me one of the issues was that there were few surprises. You could see almost everything coming a mile away.

In the first 5 minutes alone we already new that we were dealing with time/inter-dimensional travel, that this had already happened before and that we're trying to stop something from repeating again. As soon as I saw the lighthouse I was waiting for our trip back to rapture. Almost every detail of the ending was given away long before we got there.

2151d ago