Harrison expects big things from Mii Channel

In a recent article by Reuters, a few new details relating to the Wii's fascinating Mii Channel have been unearthed and Nintendo America VP George Harrison has shared some interesting comments.

Upon first turning on the console, Wii owners will find their Miis in the 'Mii Plaza', which is essentially a virtual waiting room where up to 100 characters can inhabit.

A further 10 Miis will be able to be stored on a Wii-mote, for transportation to a friend's console. In addition to this, they'll also be able to be sent to other consoles via the Wii Message Board service.

"A younger player can create a caricature of their parents, and it might entice them to play (a game)," said George Harrison, Nintendo's senior vice president of marketing, who anticipates that the Mii Channel will narrow the gap between older and younger gamers

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lpkilla75888d ago

That character creation and Mii channel looks generic and stupid. Looks cheap and it does not make me want to purchase a Wii.

PS360WII5888d ago

that is you are pointless. why even bother to comment if your just going to be hating? If this was the breaking point on buying a Wii or not then you weren't going to buy one in the first place.

This does seem very fun. Having your own character instead of just a name. I for one am looking forward to this and can't wait to be playing