CVG- Dead Island Riptide hands-on

CVG:Riptide's predecessor was a ropey game and not much has changed. During my hands-on session I played as Purna, the mouthy security professional with the pen-up-nose Australian accent. As with Dead Island, the game sticks you on an open tropical island and tasks you with surviving and escaping. You pick up missions, level-up, upgrade weapons, and brain zombies. Neither the environment nor what you're doing in it has changed since Dead Island, and the game makes no apologies about that.

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xBigxBossx2148d ago

This is not good news. Ill hold my judgement.

NiteX2148d ago

So pretty much this is everything we have been knowing. If you liked the first you will like this. It's mind blowing that people still think it's suppose to be a full blown sequel, where in the title is there a 2?